Ode To A Sewer

You truly are the epitome of bona fide abhorrence;

A rotting legend in itself your stream flows,

carrying the detritus of the world with eternal patience,

Does not the smell of your load reach your nose?

While your sister has an idyllic effect on plains and ranges,

and thus revered with the names of gods and goddesses-

be it the Indus, the Nile or the Ganges

and is chased by a string of verses, rhymes and venerable odes.

Even you are worshipped, by the noble pigs that grace your banks,

and the droppings of nature’s prodigies falling in your lap.

You give birth to the Assyrian mosquitoes with their bloodsucking tanks,

and the housewifish flies that grace our food with their spitting sap

A melancholy therefore it is,

that despite your many uses, you are treated with sneering detestation,

an albatross round the government’s neck, blotting the expeditious development.

People look at you and curtain their eyes, as though seen an illusion,

and still you faithfully flow, without any predicament

While your sister is unsullied year after year without fail,

Conspiracies are hatched to have you encased in a cemented tomb

for you are the carrier of diseases and define everything rotten and stale

and the foes of our health and sanitation thrive in your womb.

While your sister is the subject of the likes of Keats and Shelley,

you are composed by idle ignoramuses like me.

But don’t fret, oh repugnant maiden and garbage’s belly,

for you have traveled on the path of odiousness farther than one can see

Rhishabh Jetley