Of Hyderabad and Hyderabadis

The weather is pleasant like always. You are walking on the road, hurrying to reach your bus stop, and you suddenly see the bus- which will take you to your office- leaving your stop and catching up on speed. You panic for having missed your bus. But the nice bus driver, seeing your dire situation, slows down the bus and pauses for you to jump in! Relax! This is not the beginning of some film story or some new daily soap. This is the everyday scene of Hyderabad, the everyday life of Hyderabadis who run fast but take time out to stop and stare; who are busy, and yet not indifferent.

Hyderabad has a rich culture whose history dates back to 500 B.C. The assimilation of the Telugus, the Muslims and the migrants from North India make Hyderabad a city for all. You could be familiar only with Hindi and have a neighbor who speaks nothing but Telugu (native language of the place), yet the conversation would be smooth. May be this is the universal language – the language of understanding. The Hyderabadi Hindi is the charm of the city. Initially it might seem offensive but one can’t help being amused by it. Sample this: chindi choran – petty thieves, kaiku –why, nakko– no, haula– stupid, hateli – stupid (female), hau – yes (‘haan’ in Hindi) etc.

From being called the city of The Nizams, to the hub of Information technology, Hyderabad has come a long way – from an ordinary life being yet a life of vibrancy, from one shopping mall to several pubs, from pattu lahangas (girl’s traditional attire) to international brands, from simple Chermas to classy Central. However, it remains the only city, in India, where the Muslim culture is so strongly preserved and obeyed – the tahzeeb, the adab, the regular namaaz, the daawat, and also the burqas.

In Hyderabad, Engineering is the most common career choice, with the state government providing enough facilities for students from all sections (SC, ST etc) to be able to do degree studies. Holding an engineer’s degree, in Hyderabad, is no less than a cake walk except of course the pre engineering years of preparations, where one is made to slog day and night – continuous classes for almost ten hours a day.

In this work-o-holic city, almost every member of the family believes in being occupied. At the end of the day, life in Hyderabad is all about taking things easy; doing your own business; nonetheless they keep a track of other’s pursuit.

To a visitor, Hyderabad is a clean city with awful traffic rules, of simple Telugus who wear chappals to office, of Hyderabadi biryani, of Irani chai, of Irani samosas, of Haleem, of Sania Mirza, of Nagesh Kukunoor, of Diana Hayden, of charismatic Charminar, of technology, of Indian School of Business, of producing the maximum number of IITians, of Hyderabadi Pearl….but to a Hyderabadi it is all about “kya miyan, khaali pili kaiku tension le rae…lite lo mama”

Suhani Dewra
[Image Source: http://flickr.com/photos/sajith/2304360753/sizes/m/]