Of Love And Madness: Here’s What An Ideal Rainy Day-In Would Look Like

Delhi Rains

Until a few days ago, a giant fire-breathing monster had been spelling doom for the national capital. The heat was blistering-barnacles, and sometimes I’d wonder if I were a Targaryen – the unburnt. Needless to say, we Delhi wallas survived the worst and the weather Goddess decided to bless us virtuously. South-western winds have travelled north, or so it seems, and have brought along thunder, chalky skies and ecstasy.

As I write this, it’s probably sunny outside, but the forecast suggests more showers, thunder and a further dip in mercury. (Hurray) Ideally, I’d stay at home on a rainy day, listening to the pitter-patter of nature, watching the sky change colours, enjoying the earthen smell of season’s first shower. But since I do have the professional luxury on a weekday, I’d rather write and nurse my musings.

For those lucky ones, who are at home and do not plan on stepping out, here is what you can do inside the comfort of your house.



Essentially a book. There is nothing more beguiling than watching the rain, while simultaneously reading a novella. Pick a book to complement your mood – on romance, thriller, horror or a genre of your choice, smell the old pages, allow your mind some reminiscence and let the magic unfurl. A pluviophile – someone who finds joy and peace in the rain – is bound to find comfort in the pages of a book, while staring outside.



“Reading is probably what leads most writers to writing”

The one who loves to read, must enjoy writing too. There is something about the pale skies that allow our inner philosophers a lithe outlet. Take some time out of whatever you are doing, sit by the window and own that journal. Write about anything under the sun, or in this case, the gelatinous clouds.

Listen to music


We Indians are gossamer in our nerve. We love just the right amount of drama and fantasy. And thanks to our film industries (national and regional), we have the best of songs for the dampest of days. We have songs on thunder, on showers, on love and longing, and on festivities. Plug in your earphones and let your mind go afield.

PS. A R Rahman is the Indian Mozart.

Catch up on a film

Typically, I’d either watch a horror flick or a sappy romantic drama when it is raining. One of the many stimulating ways to spend the day would be by watching a film. It is dark outside and you do not have a care about the world. Snuggle up on the bed, keep yourself warm and watch a movie. That would just be your moment of pure bliss.



You do not have to be a culinary genius to appreciate and love food. Just look up a recipe and prepare something peppery. You do not want to miss on the evening pakoras and the hot cup of chai, right? Make yourself a light meal and enjoy while you can.



Stuck at home and feeling too lazy to do anything? Just pack yourself in the most comfortable of duvets and doze off to stupor. One of the many pleasures of a rainy day. Especially when there is no electricity and the sun has gone into hiding. You do not know what time of the day it is and you do not have to. Enjoy the silence and allow your mind some rest.

Prerna Mittra

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