Of Love, Pure Love: Sexualities That Aren’t Even Known To Us

Sexual Orientation

When it comes to sexualities other than that of a heterosexual kind, what comes to our mind is bisexuality or homosexuality (gay/lesbian). However, there are sexualities other than these which are not known to many. This is a result of lack of awareness among the masses. But why are people not aware about these sexualities? Or is it that we have shut ourselves from any kind of possibility?

Most of the people are not bothered about different sexualities or the acknowledgment of their existence. A person, who is bisexual or has got a different sexuality other than being straight, is considered as a symbol of shame or dishonour. Such people are considered as inferior or deranged beings. No one respects their ideology, rights, aspirations and needs. Why?

This is what has been practiced since ages that a man can only be sexually drawn towards a woman, and cannot have any other sort of sexual preference.

For example, a person born biologically a male or a female may develop sexual attraction towards the opposite sex. The problem that arises here is of social norms and stereotypes. If you are born a male then you are supposed to get attracted towards women, only because this is what the society tells you to do.


What people do not know is that it is a hormonal condition, a genotype which formulates a distinctive type of sexual orientation. It is actually a biological foundation but the people are not interested in knowing about it. The majority just go by the prescribed ‘accepted’ norms. We are taught the rules of attraction and reproduction, as well as behaviourial guidelines.

A male SHOULD be paired with a female and vice versa. As a result, a person with a different sexuality, a one different from heterosexuality is not able to live peacefully. All  because of lack of awareness about this issue. They themselves overlook such signs and spend their whole life according to the “basic rules” of the world.

However, it’s high time that we start giving relevance to other lesser known sexualities so that people with these sexual orientations do not have to keep it confidential.


So, first of all, let us throw some light on the sexualities that are not known to most of the people.

Gynephilia describes the sexual attraction to women or femininity. Sex is not specified and a female can also be a genephiliac.

Androphilia describes the sexual attraction to men or masculinity. Sex is not specified and a male can also have this orientation.

Objectum-sexuality, or object-sexuality, is when a person is attracted to objects rather than living beings. A well-known example is one woman in Germany who married the Berlin Wall.

Ambisexual is a person who is attracted towards both, i.e., the males as well as the females (this falls under the lines of bisexuality).

Pansexual or omnisexual is when an individual is attracted to all gender expressions, while still maintaining preferences.

An example of pansexual is when a male is attracted to other males, females, transsexual individuals, third-gender individuals, androgynous individuals, etc.

Skoliosexual is when an individual is not attracted to cisgender individuals, but to the other gender expressions.

Asexual or non-sexual is when an individual rarely experiences sexual attraction to other individuals, but still experiences romantic and/or emotional attraction.

Grey A or Gray A is when an individual very rarely experiences sexual attraction or has only a slight sex drive, but may in particular situations or with particular individuals.

Aromantic or non-romantic is when an individual rarely experiences romantic and/or emotional attraction to other individuals, but still experiences sexual attraction.

Autosexual is when individuals are sexually attracted to themselves.

Demisexual is when an individual only experiences sexual attraction to another individual when a powerful romantic and emotional relationship is created.

Androgynosexual is when an individual is attracted to males, females, and/or androgynous individuals with both masculine and feminine features.

Polysexual is when an individual is attracted to some, but not all gender expressions.

Pomosexual is when an individual does not feel their sexual preference can and/or should be identified by pre-existing labels.

Intersexual is a person born with a distinctive sexual anatomy which doesn’t comply to the definition of a male or a female.

These sexualities are hardly known to people. If a person falls in any of the above-mentioned categories, most of the time that person is not familiar to this information and that is why he/she is not able to identify their sexuality and they lead a perplexed life.

Even if a person identifies and reveals their sexuality before others, they are not able to convince the people around because find it difficult to define it properly. Thus, we feel the knowledge about this is essential. You don’t have to belong to any of these lesser known orientations to spread awareness.

The society and the family does not accept such a reality because of the old-school; orthodox thinking. People who reveal their diverse sexual orientation often get bullied by others. And so, maximum of them are forced to keep it confidential and stay within a confined; suffocated space.

When will the society stop thinking about different sexualities as a stigma and abnormality? When will such people be able to walk with their heads high in pride?

When will the society reform and consider these sexualities equal to the others?

In order to find answers to these questions, we must start talking about it openly, accepting it and spread awareness about the different sexualities.

No more closets for anyone!

Let us make this society equal for all!

Akanksha Sharma

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