Of Musings and Teachings

Einstein was famous for mathematical formulae to solve problems of any source or any nature. Once somebody requested him to suggest a mathematical formula for success in life. Einstein replied and said “if A is success in life the formula would be A=X+Y+Z”. “What does it mean” asked the gentleman. “X being work and Y being play”, replied Einstein in his soft tone. “And what does Z mean?” asked the gentleman. “Keeping mouth shut”, Einstein replied.

Question of status:

Albert Einstein once visited Japan and delivered a number of lectures in various cities. Each lecture lasted for more than four hours. The audience was sitting motionless for hours listening to a language they did not follow, about a subject they didn’t understand. After some lectures Albert felt pity for his audience and so he decided to cut short his lectures in the next city. The result was unexpected. That evening his hosts were very quiet. Somebody explained, “The people of this city feel insulted, he told Einstein, “your lectures in other cities lasted for four hours and to us you only spoke for two hours”.

Pay attention to a child’s curiosities:

Once a popular newspaper “Saturday review” launched a series, “what I have learnt?” the question was posed to eminent people. Einstein gave three valuable answers. “One, pay attention to child curiosities, this is where the search for knowledge is freshest and most valuable. Two, the advent of nuclear energy has changed everything about the world. Third, my idea caused people to re-examine Newtonian physics; it is inevitable that my own ideas will be re-examined and if they are not, there will have been a great failure somewhere”.