Office Water Dispensers

If your employees are your assets and you are counting on them to take your business from strength to strength, you should think about getting the advantage of office water dispensers to your office. These dispensers provide a fresh supply of cold drinking water at all times which ensures that your employees enjoy working hard knowing that they have their water dispenser to go to when they need a break.

The variety is humungous. Though broadly you will have to first pick from two styles: Bottled office water dispensers and bottle less office water dispensers. Both fit perfectly in your office, but you may have to make a choice depending on the following criteria:

  • Employee Strength
  • Space
  • Energy efficiency
  • Price

When looking for office water dispensers you will have to pay special attention to the employee strength. If you have more that 20 – 30 people in your office you may have to go in for office water dispensers of the bottle less variety. Because these are hooked on to the water supply in the building and offer an unlimited supply of water throughout the day. Whereas a bottled water cooler entails a change of bottle, every time it runs out of water. This can be very cumbersome if you have to indulge in a bottle change once every few hours.

The space you have to spare may dictate the choice of office water dispensers. Bottled water dispensers can be placed anywhere as they are also available in desktop varieties. Whereas the bottle less office water dispensers need more space and need plumbing support as well to get hooked on to the water supply.

One very important feature you need is energy efficiency. Both bottled and bottle less office water dispensers offer energy efficiency if you pick the right brand. So, when you decide which one you want and you are in the market, you need to look for one that has an energy efficiency certification. Last but not least, make sure you compare rates between various brands available to choose from. You should ideally pick one that offers value for money.