Oh Spit! Here, There And Everywhere


How do we define freedom? The power to act, speak or think as one wants. It has long been established, since 1947, that our country India, is a free country. However, have we found freedom in loving whoever we want? Have we got freedom to pursue our choice of career? Have we got the freedom to dress however we want to? Well, not yet, and being the ray of sunshine that I am, I think someday, some years down the line, we might be there.

Well there’s one thing, most Indians have definitely found freedom in doing, that is spitting down the road. People love that, spitting on the pavement, on monuments, on recently white washed walls, especially on the walls that mentions ‘no spitting’. People love it. Period.

The red mark on the white walls portrays a story, the color of which showcase the ferociousness, it’s a tale that tells our freedom. We are free, no more under any authorities, we Indians as a spitters community are free.

Indians, have reached the moon and back, our country is home to millionaires, we have an intelligentsia that can rule over the world, but still, nothing can stop the people from spitting down the road. It’s the ‘Indianness’ in them that probes them now and then, urging them to just spit around the place, and walk off like nothing at all matters.


There have been times, when I have personally witnessed such revolting acts, and later felt like puking. However, with time, the common people have gotten so used to the repellent act, that they wouldn’t utter a word to protest.

Every time I want to take a walk in CP (Connaught Place), enjoy the beauty of it’s structure, my heart dies a little inside, witnessing those ugly marks on the walls everywhere.

Why is there no one to stop the spraying of tobacco on the wall? I am pretty sure, it’s no graffiti to be marveled at.

Front doors, fences and pavements have been all been stained with paan, the betel leaf mixture that mostly every Indian has eaten at some time, but not all have left a “trail” behind them.

There’s a fine and community service that an offender has to go through, if found spitting on the roads of Mumbai. It’s a welcoming stance, however, its credibility would lie on how much people actually respect the anti-spitting law.

It’s required by many people of the country to realize that spitting isn’t an act one can commit without disgusting the people around.

If we won’t take a pain to keep the city clean, no one else will, because let’s face it, we aren’t from the magical world of Hogwarts and pointing our wands and yelling ‘Tergeo’ won’t help.

Yugansha Malhotra

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