Old Is Gold but New Is the Micro-Chip

The norms of society do not regulate the behavior of the individual but they mould it without allowing any freedom of choice to him in any given system. In such systems, growth of the individual is suppressed; when individual is suppressed the growth of society is also suppressed and this is how norms and values operate. The concept of norms also implies social control. Therefore, norms and values know only how to control individuals for the sake of manipulated order.

Norms and values have a great importance in any society. It is impossible to imagine a society without norms because they are the driving force behind the behavior of individuals and define the degree of discipline needed to regulate a group. Norms can be variously categorized but I would like to divide them broadly into two types i.e. the norms created by the earlier generation and the ones created by the individuals for their self-discipline. People who follow the age-old norms find that they are not useful for the present generation because they do not allow any creative understanding and only bring about stagnation in a society. The people who blindly follow these norms also become useless and that is the reason why majority of the people on this earth fail to provide any fruitful purpose to their life. They do not want to take the risk of creating new norms because it is much more convenient to follow the ready- made ones. It is like going to a shop to buy artificial flowers to decorate the vase at home. Similarly how much ever we decorate our inefficiency and misdeeds with these old-norms, they are just a decoration which when denuded expose the barren base of the society which rests solely on artificial means.

The tribal are way better than these people because they create their decorations with their own hands. They are vey creative although they are unsystematic and wild. At least they don’t live a life full of pretentions and under the illusion of being civilized and superior. People searching for ready- made norms and values are no better than the primitives and these are the ones who are living under the false cover of civilization. It is only a pretention to claim that people are modern; they are modern only in their passions. Their minds are old, rotten and orthodox. That is why, in these ‘modern’ times millions of people are killed in the name of race, religion, culture etc. This killing exists as a value because of this false civilization. The growing crime in the name of these values is a proof that they are of no value today in regulating human behavior.

The future generations changing perspective and their shift towards a globalised culture will definitely improve the conditions. The present ‘youth’ should take it in their own hands to create their own values which work towards a growing society and create conditions which help in moving forward and not backwards. We should learn from the present and improve the future. Accepting change and bringing it into force is the main step towards bringing the much needed revolution. It is time the passing generation passes the baton to their younger counterparts instead of suffocating them with traditional values when they are not wanted.

Swati Goyal
[Image source:http://flickr.com/photos/payalvora/1025496893/sizes/o/]