Olympics… Anyone??

Come August and we will witness one of the greatest sporting events of the world. The Beijing Olympics 2008…but what was supposed to be the greatest spectacle of sportsmanship is now in great peril even before it starts..! The Chinese invasion in Tibet has garnered immense flak and criticism from all over the world…So much so that the European Union have decided to boycott its opening ceremony…or worse boycott the entire event!!! But what’s India doing when so much is going on in its neighborhood???

Let’s rewind a little bit to understand this problem a little better. In the year 1959, China invaded Tibet but India remained mute spectator so as to abide by Nehru’s philosophy of “Hindi Chini bhai bhai ”…Even the USA offered India its support to push back Chinese Army from Tibet. China wasn’t a powerful nation back then and had India acted in time Tibet would have been a free nation today. We repented our actions, thanks to Nehru in the year 1962 when China suddenly went with war with us on the disputed issue of recognizing Arunachal Pradesh as part of their own territory. They left no stone unturned to drive away the point that there was certainly no “bhaichara” left between India and China. Since then, China has been slowly and steadily shifting Chinese into Tibet (they even build a railway connection at such a high altitude between China and Lhasa for this cause) so as to overpower its native population and wash out its entire culture. There have been cases of monks being tortured and even banned from practicing their religion. Tibet had always been a peace loving nation secluded in the mountains and had even defeated China in many wars. If China has its way, the original people of Tibet would surely become a statistic of the past.

With the Olympics coming, the aggression to save Tibet has spread throughout the world like a wild fire. The Olympic torch a symbol of unity, harmony and peace is now instead a harbinger of riots and protests all over the world, so much so that the flame got extinguished during its Paris leg and had to be stopped mid way.

Even in India, many citizens have decided not to go along with the torch run (like Baichung Bhutia and Rahul Gandhi) to sympathies with the monks across the border.

Although China is now a bigger, stronger and more powerful economy than India and we certainly cant afford to strain our relations with them which will surely hit our trading market and add to our woes of ever rising inflation and recession. But, on the other hand, India can also not just sit away and let these atrocities happen across the border.

We should try to resolve the conflict between China and Tibet and not allow basic human rights to be flouted in such a manner. We made a mistake once and shouldn’t make it again. The world is slowly realizing the plight of the poor ,unharmed, and peace loving monks who want nothing but what is rightfully theirs…and if China really doesn’t want to play spoilsport on the international map, it better back away soon to salvage whatever is left of the Olympics..2008!!


[Image Coutesy :http://www.flickr.com/photos/laughingsquid/2402035286/}