Olympics: Realising India’s True Potential

The Olympics have finally ended. It is indeed a fascinating moment for our nation that two of our lesser-known athletes, ‘Lord Of The Ring’ Vijendra & her ‘Ace Of Shooters’ Abhinav Bindra for the very first time in India’s history won medals in individual events at the most coveted games.


Of course it’s a joyous moment for everyone. Everyone is celebrating, and are proud of Bindra, Vijendra & Sushil Kumar. The confidence these people have aroused in India’s potential of winning the medals in future is inexplicable. Surely, India’s potential is infinite; but without being channelised in right direction it would go waste.


Why is it that despite being so talented our sportsmen are often knocked out of such big events? Why do we moan over the losses when we aren’t willing to contribute? The ignorance of our officials is evident by their absence from Vijendra’s medal distributing ceremony. Such a proud moment which embossed his heart when Indian flag was soaring up failed to budge the Officials an inch who have always jabbered about their contribution to Indian Sports.


It is our ignorance which denies us winning the medals. Lack of funds, coaches, proper training, corruption & pessimistic approach of Government, any of this isn’t going to help us. Perhaps many of our athletes also don’t put their efforts either. Why not take inspiration from the indomitable Phelps and his authorities. He swims seven days a week, eight hours & 33 miles per day. He adopts a focused approach getting the best Sporting infrastructure from his country, and puts his hundred percent which gives him output of hundred percent.


These three medals finally have rectified our hopes and added flavour of optimism to it. With the showering attention, praises, funds & popularity on them we can now expect Government to wake up and do something to promote budding talent in our country. There is no lack of talent bearers in India, no lack of potential. In each city, village and lane there are ‘shooting stars’ waiting for the medal hunt to begin. We need to magnify our view.


We are waiting for slow progress of Indian Sports With the hope that slowly and steadily, but for sure India’s medal tally would increase.


Our future is bright. Olympics 2008 is just a beginning. Right input would give us Best output. Let’s expect for a bright future in athletics.


Vatsala Singh