On Bosses

I really feel apologetic for delaying my column-writingfor weeks together. But what else could I do? I was occupied with “day-dreaming”. Sounds stupid,right? Well, yes, it is…but only seemingly. I was actually too lost while thinking of my dear boss. And who, in my place, wouldn’t? (Forgive me, boss. I hope that I wouldn’t be fired/sacked for this.)

My boss is young, energetic, motivated, exemplary, intelligent, smart, gutsy, self-made, self-reliant and dignified.A strong man with great vision; an icon; someone who just doesn’t talk but also walks the talk; someone who’s impregnated with many revolutionary ideas; someone who is extremely focused, sincere, serious, a man of few words .. And what not? My boss is the most eligible bachelor in my encyclopedia. In plains words, I’m simply floored and flatter.

OK! OK! OK! I’d stop highlighting his scores of impressive qualities (all at once) but would like to discuss all this in a general manner.

My mother mocks at me for being crazy about an insomniac and a restless person. My friends tease me for liking someone who’s more interested in his pets than humans. But I just smile away because I admire him for what he is instead of criticizing him for what he’s not.

First of all, I’m sorry about all those people whose bosses are like “HARI SADU”(H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal, I for Idiot, S for Shameless, etc). They all have my sympathy, if that’s of any help.

Oh c’mon! Let’s all accept the fact. We guys don’t work for “peanuts”, do we? But we all demand or at least expect a generous hike in our salary at regular intervals, timely promotions, paid leaves, our boss’sattention, time, concern, a note ofappreciation for that every good work that we do, and nevertheless, a good level of understanding. We all like her/his being friendly (not friends) with us.

A good boss is the one who’s approachable and has the capacity to think higher than us and beyond our thoughts. S/he herself/himself sets an example for us rather than being over-demanding.S/he is above all the office gossips and rumors and knows how to act wisely and justly without being biased or prejudiced.

A good boss recognizes the potentials of his/her employees and valuesthem for their talent. S/he welcomes new ideas and innovations. At times, it’s seen that people leave their jobs if their talent isn’t valued and is taken for granted or if their creativity is suppressed. They look for spatial mobility– both horizontal and vertical,to grow as well as to bloom. And in such cases, only a good boss can understand them better.

A good boss stays away from sycophants and is a person of good principals and character. S/he knows how to build confidence in her/his employees.S/He boosts their morale from time to time for doing better than earlier.

Even if a boss is in a bad mood and her/his employees per chance get to face her/his wrath, then /he unmistakably apologizesto them. But in my point of view, insulting someone publicly and feeling sorry for having done so in private is just not done.

A good boss possesses a sharp memory and is highly introspective and self-analytical.S/heis a good observer as well.A good boss isalso a good leader and a self-disciplined being who encouragesher/his employees to do a good teamwork andpromotes unity and harmony among them.S/he is protective and defensive towards her/his employees. She/he praises one’s employees in public and criticizes scolds or rebukes them only in private.

A good boss allows her/his employees privacy in their personal life. S/he never tends to poke her/his nose into other’s matters. At the same time, s/he is prudent and discreet while sharing her/his own problems with them. Still, if her/his employees/juniors ever come to him with some personal problems, then s/he isever ready to offer an immediate solution or every possible help to them so that their professional life is not affected.

A good boss is not, at any point of time, ungrateful to any of her/her employees. Getting into frivolous arguments over trivial issues and telling someone that s/he has not done anything for the company is a strict “no no”. No matter however talented a boss is, it’s required of her/him to be modest and humble and never be proud or arrogant for being an achiever. S/he never minds being rectified. S/he is well-aware of all her/his rights and powers but rarely exercises them against her/his employees just for the sake of teaching them a lesson. She/he is never a kill joy sort of person but rather is a part of whatever celebration that takes place in the office or to which s/he’s invited.

There are numerous other qualities of a good boss but instead of discussing all of them, I’d rather giveexamples of some good bosses. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Late Dhirubhai Ambani, Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, etc must have been extremely good bosses or else, their respective companies/firms would have not soared to such unimaginable heights today.

So here’s my request to all the bosses reading this article:-

‘We, the employees, do not demand much from you in lieu of our labour and devotion. At times, a strangely intimate smile or just a grin of gratitude works wonders for us that says, “Thank you for believing in me, I also understand you.”‘

See, we all are dignified beings and don’t like anyone bossing us aroundor telling us what to do and what not to do but still, Ipersonally have all reasonsto believe the fact that a good boss is a must for all the employees.S/he acts like a binding force in office.But if you do not have one, then I think that it’s time for you to say, “I resign.”

Meanwhile, let me day-dream some more. My dreams do come true because just like my boss, I also believe in myself.

Aditi Swami