On Quarter Life Crisis

There comes a time in your life when you’ve completed your formal education and you’re ready to step your foot inside the real world where both opportunities and failure beckons, a world where demons are many and angles are none…

This time which people say is the golden period of your life, when you’re at the peak of your youth, your ardor, the time to lay foundation for a strong future, a time where clay is adequately soaked and ready
waiting for hands to shape them, a time to explore, a time to start the battle, a time to conquer the world, a time to find love…

And, they are right.
But if you ask me it is also a time of transition, time of transformation, transformation from a boy to a man. And as “Change can never be comfortable”, this period is also an episode of confusion and chaos.
Man as small, fragile and helpless as he is gets perplexed with the complexities and falls prey to the pressures of change, responsibility and transition…

Mid life crisis is a very common phenomenon known to many but “quarter life crisis” is known to few.
It is a time when you are not a teenager anymore and neither are you fully matured family man. Just out of college, you have a lot of dreams and ambitions. You want to enjoy life’s adventures, try a lot of things,
and learn a lot of things.

During your college/school days you used to think. – “what is the hurry? I have a full life ahead of me. I’ll certainly do this one day once I get my own money.”
And you carry on with your carefree life.

It’s only when you enter the real life, take up responsibilities, get the freedom to live your life the way you always wanted to, start earning your own money that you realize that you’re trapped inside a
materialistic cage and the rat race takes all of your freedom away. You don’t get time to enjoy life, try new things, learn new things and do all what you wanted to…and suddenly it strikes you that you are not
going to be a young chap forever, time is running out on you.

If, to top it all you are not in a relationship yet, the picture becomes gloomier for you. You start thinking that your time has passed, that you will never find the girl of your dream, that she doesn’t exist
and even if she does by now she will be committed to some guy who is not as good for her as you could have been.

Some fight it and continue in their pursuit of dreams & happiness, take out time to do things they always wanted to and continue in their search for true love. Some get all this, some get nothing but,
they all knew the risks involved from the beginning and no one regrets.

Others though, and most come in this category, succumb to the pressure and surrender. They become part of the RATRACE, sacrifice their dreams and settle for someone nice but whom they don’t really love.
Some of them get successful some don’t but, every single one regrets the road taken and wonders, – “What if, I could have gone on the path unknown…”

Vikas Mulchandani