On The Trail of The Roadies

roah.jpgHave you ever seen a show which has elements of superficiality mixed with reality? If not, then you must see Roadies 5.0 on MTV.

After a grueling round of interviews, thirteen contestants were selected for the show. These thirteen were to go biking across India, and other places outside the country.

As per the rules of the game, the contestants have to clear certain tasks. Broadly speaking, there are two types of tasks. Firstly, the contestants have to participate in tasks of earning money for the Roadies account. Secondly, the contestants have to take part in immunity tasks, in order to gain immunity from a vote-out, which basically translates into leaving the show.

The show always has the viewer entertained with innovative tasks, and with each season, the tasks get more interesting , and simultaneously, more challenging for the contestant. For instance, for the first task, all the contestants were taken to a coffee house in Goa, where they were asked to drink piping hot coffee. It seems easy right? But imagine if you have to have piping shots of espresso one after the other! The next task was on a banana boat. The roadies were divided into two teams and each team had to sit on one banana boat. The boat however, always overturned in water. The last roadie had to jump over all the other five roadies on the boat and come to the first position when the banana boat was in the water. Whichever team did the maximum rounds would gain immunity from the vote-out. Another task ( in teams of two) involved being suspended from a rope overlooking a river, while simultaneously another roadie had to row a boat to his or her partner.

These tasks are where the superficiality comes in. The contestants show themselves to be different people than what they actually are. It is only in the snippets we see of them talking to the viewers that we get to know of their strategy. Yes! That’s right. Every roadie has a strategy of his own. The main aim is to win this game and everyone works towards it. Whoever gets caught in this net of loyalty, care and concern gets to be the victim!

Besides providing the audience with entertainment, the show portrays the reality of life. Lessons in decision making can also be learnt, as the discerning viewer can understand the importance of sticking to one’s own viewpoint, without getting unduly influenced. At another level, it teaches the viewer to turn situations to their advantage.

The show is aired on MTV every Saturday at 7 pm.

Anjuri Nayar

[image by :http://www.flickr.com/photos/saumoon/199552410/]