Once Upon A Time, Our Childhood Thrived

Animated wonders

If Ranbir Kapoor starrer Tamasha taught us something, it would be to constantly nurture, and exhibit the child in us. As kids, we are innocent and least catering to the societal norms that start to grip us once we enter our teens. The life of a kid is as carefree as the wind, there’s no care in the world, and there’s only the art to entertain themselves and keep themselves happy, something we tend to forget while entertaining others.

However, there is no way we might indulge ourselves into the la-la world of our childhood, at least till the advent of time machine. The least we can do is try making time for ourselves and keep ourselves happy, rather than pleasing the world.

My hearts sings and swoons with joy, when I get back into that perfectly happy la-la land, without any inhibition or reluctance. There are times I might dance like crazy when I am all alone, times when I eat food in a messed up manner, times when I YouTube videos of the cartoons that take me back to my childhood. Also, there are times when I indulge myself into the wonders of animation that ease my soul and calm my mind. These movies have made me cry, laugh and have also been inspirational in its essence, the thoughts of which are with me till now. They are the movies that don’t cater to some specific age group, these are the movies loved, and enjoyed by all, teaching us lessons even in our adulthood.

  1. Toy Story and Ice Age series:

Toy Story is a series that everyone must watch once in their lifetime. It is bound to bring back the clouded memories of the first toy that was ever truly ours. A toy that became our best friend, a toy which was given away with time due to its rustiness and eventually turn to bits and pieces. A toy that became synonymous with our childhood, and a toy that encouraged the creativity within us.

Ice Age, more than telling us about the extinct mammals who roamed around the earth, or educating us timelessly about the historical ages, also tells the highly disturbing and anxious story of a saber-toothed squirrel who was constantly obsessed with a nut all through the series. The series enable us to keep friendships intact in times of hardship and value them furthermore.

  1. Tangled and Brave:

Both the movies are helmed by Disney and take a progressive and non-stereotypical turn from Disney’s prior sexist and regressive yet cherished movies. The Princesses take charge of their own fate, while ridiculing rules they find themselves more and teache us about courage that comes with responsibility. The movie celebrates the unbroken spirit, and the feisty one that we are instilled with, only if we know of the magic that lies within us.

  1. The Croods and Frozen:

Both movies reinstate the idea and importance of a family that will always stay. No power, no super strength or no great ideas can replace or lose the concept of love and comfort provided by a family. Whether it is for a beginning of a new world or amidst the constant rebukes of the society, family will always protect us.

  1. The classic Disney movies:

We have grown up watching these ancient cult movies, movies like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snowhtie, Repunzel, The Bambi, Lion King and Tarzan. They have an amazing amalgamation of dramatic events with a pinch of evilness. The movies strengthened the idea of a happy ending, giving us the push to go through any adversity because in the end, things mostly work out.


These films continue to inspire me even now, and would continue to do so. Whether for the young heart or the old, these movies will always take us to the lovable past we all miss, cherish and eventually grow out of.

Yugansha Malhotra

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