One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen Can Change The World

#PioneersOfValuesDuring my Delhi University days, I used to teach tuitions to a couples of kids so as to earn few bucks, and have enough money to splurge on shopping. I never knew I had the passion to teach, because initially it was nothing but a source for me to earn money. With time, as I invested my time and energy towards kids of different age groups, I realized how taxing yet surreal the job is. It is a burdensome task, as you are shouldered with a responsibility of a kids’ brain and making sure that he maneuvers the right way rather than the wrong.

It is a responsibility worth getting anxious over.

On Teachers’ Day, I would be gifted with some chocolates of pen, and to be honest, all these small gifts are priceless. The kids reward you every day, the hint of wonder in their eyes when they learn something new, the excitement when they rush towards answering a question, the dread when they have not completed their homework, the anticipation to know the marks attained, all these aesthetic things are priceless, and when you are a teacher, you are gifted with this every single day.

It’s a teacher that drives the curiosity in a kid, making them able to dream of a world where they can hope, dream and live. A teacher isn’t tasked with mere teaching, they are also in-charge of giving kids values that they will never forget, emotional values, abstract values and social ones. That’s why, this teachers’ day, let us celebrate the presence of people who has taught us something new, and have made us a better person.

Our parents start teaching us about lives even before the schooled ones come into the picture. As we grow up, we learn a few things from the people we have grown up with, making us have a broader perspective. With the books we read, we get acquainted with feelings and words that were invisible to us, from our life partners we learn how to love.

In every wake of life, we get acquainted with a new teachers, who teaches us more than what our books did, they teach us about life, and making it worthwhile in the process.

Each year, India celebrates Teachers’ Day on 5 September, the birth day of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India’s second President and an erudite philosopher and educationist. Teachers’ Day 2016 will see another teacher on India’s nay, on the world’s educational horizon, the newly canonized Saint Teresa of Kolkata. She taught and continues to do so, through her Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, practical lessons in the global classrooms which are spread across 133 countries. Mother Teresa loved and served the poor and taught valuable lessons to mankind because she saw God in suffering humanity.

The humanity is indebted to her great lessons, values and teachings, and on this Teachers’ day we can hope that the teachers are no longer immune to the passion of teaching. We are in dearth of not having good teachers, who don’t teach just for money, but also to inculcate greater ideas and values to the kids, making them a better person time and again. If we want to chart a new path for India and its youth, if we really want to derive our demographic dividend, it must start with teachers. Good teaching stretches, challenges and pushes learners to discover more.

After all,

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

This Teachers’ Day, let us reinstate the lost art of teaching, and gain the respect and passion that has been compromised over convenience and monetary aspects of the job.

Yugansha Malhotra

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