One less Uttar Pradesh

Misery and plight of seven females and their families has turned into an orgy of vile political drama. The accused are absconding from the law and the victimized girls are committing suicides. While this happens, the political battleground is turning into a powerhouse of allegations and constitutional mockery. Assurances are pouring in, amendments are being proposed, numbers are being justified by statistics and strict actions are being promised but the most objective step towards imparting justice is still not being taken.

Welcome to Uttar Pradesh, the rape capital of the country.

Seven rapes in 48 hours cannot remotely be on account of sudden provocation of uncontrollable perverted desires. Such disorder was a monster waiting to be unleashed. When it ultimately did, it proved what an absolute failure the law and order machinery in the state has become. It’s a slap across the face of those in the driving seat. Sadly, it came at the cost of innocent victims wronged by a heinous crime.

The governing body in the state has proved to be a colossal disaster. It continues to do so by trying to shrug the issue off and still failing to put an end to the unrest. The years of unaccountability of the government has spoken in the crudest possible manner. But they are just waking up to realize the damage their inaction so far has caused.

Women have been, by and large, subjected to physical and sexual assaults too commonly in Uttar Pradesh. A state where the government was formed as a function of “social caste disparity”, their interests were bound to take a backseat. The long term consequence of this ignorance has now put an entire nation to shame.

It’s late but the time is still ripe to deal with such assaults on women, with stringent punishment. To start with the perpetrators of recent rapes need to be brought to justice at any cost. At the same time it is imperative to sanitize the mass perception on such issues in the long term.

What has happened in Uttar Pradesh should serve as a wakeup call for the rest of the Indian states as they fare no better in crime against women. As a country, we have been on the forefront of hypocrisy when it has come to protecting the rights of women. We have ascertained constitutional freedom to them but have not lived up to preserve it. We need a social revolution to safeguard women by making an example of those who have trivialized laws made to protect women’s interest. It’s only fair if the serial offenders are dealt with the same coldness as they must have shown to their victims.

There is a desperate need for those in power to get their act together. They need to do it right and they need to do it before the situation goes any more out of hand. The alarm this issue has triggered is bigger than any personal interest and petty party conflict. If the moral fiber of those calling the shots is not up to the commitment and action of reform, extreme measures should be taken at the center to tackle this mayhem.

Crime against women is a crime against all of humanity. We are living under a veil of equality but underneath, humanity is dying a painful death every single day. As a society based upon moral scruples, let’s try to do with “one less Uttar Pradesh” in time to come.

Vivek Katarya

A fiction writer, a published author, an editor for HT Edge, a socially oriented blogger, a city food editor for Zomato, a gadget lover, an adventure sports enthusiast, a computer engineer, an egotist, a thinker and much more than meets the eye.