One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter

The deadliest attack on India!
Will India fight back?
Attack Pakistan!
War for peace!!!


Above are the slogans heard in every street, every city, everywhere. No doubt, this is what was our instant reactions following the terrorist attacks on Mumbai, and this time they, made it deadliest. They had attacked in the past as well, but no attack left a scar deep as this one did.


The whole world went mad over this; many condemned this act and then the same game of passing the parcel began, wherein India came out to be a clear winner this time, also in this as usual boring blame game with no real action taking place.


All countries agreed unanimously on the evidence provided by India over this Pakistan sponsored terrorism, but none of them really did something that ensures that this won’t happen again. Then what shall we do now? Should I, you and all take the guns in our hands and fight for our cause because we can’t wait until someone comes to my home and murders my family in the name of a cause that he is fighting for? So what will I do?


I will fight firstly with my Government and then with my countries and family’s enemies, because the leaders had already sold themselves in this bazaar where they only live for those can buy them well and we all hardly matter to them, except for our votes.


What does that mean? It means we ourselves have to fight for our own rights, our own people for our own cause. But if we also get violent as what our youth today is asking for, then can you really differentiate between them (terrorist) and ourselves, as we both would be fighting for our own cause and it is quite feasible as per our own values and priorities.


I really get confused when I see the instances of the LTTE and Sinhalese, Monarchy and Maoism, Hamas and Israel, because it really very tough for me to differentiate between who the real terrorist is. We might call the LTTE or Maoists terrorists, but they claim to be fighting against injustice, but in the real sense, don’t you think one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter? The clear example of this is the Monarchy coming to end and the Maoist party taking its place for the first time in Nepal.


Records shows that say Kashmiri’s or the people in the east are equally fed up of the army who is protecting them and the groups from which they are protected. What does all this show? There is no one to be blamed for anything and the fighters of the terrorism are the ones who are the creators of it, in the real sense.


What the Bush administration did in Iraq was the mass murder of the innocent people, many of even who did not even know the meaning of the word “terrorist”. For God’s sake, stop calling them terrorists. Calling them terrorists or replying in violence is not going to help us figure out anything!


Even in a family of four people, there are strong differences among them, then how can you not expect a difference of opinion in this world, inhabited by six and half billion lives? Think over that!!


Apurva Singhi



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