One Small, But Big Act…


It’s a rage for those who are doing it. One could only imagine the proportions of motivation that go into making street theater a meaningful instrument.A street play is a very powerful tool to form and mobilize public opinion on all kinds of issues which are of glaring visibility or, even subtle intricacies invisible to an indifferent eye. It works not only for those who are a badly informed lot but has a long lasting impact on the well educated. Due to the immense effort of a group of unwavering individuals street plays becomes a medium for positive social change. There is an identification of an area of glitch first, which is then followed by in-depth scrutiny of the problem. The root cause of the predicament is traced and how its consequences manifest in our life is shown to us in a very engaging manner, along with an answer out of the quandary.

The research stage requires tremendous sincerity for a successful translation.If a street play is attempted with an honesty of purpose, it has the capacity to spark off a revolution. That is because, a good delivery will make an audience think, it will make one reflect on one’s own actions without singling anyone out. Hence, a street play is an undisputed knocker. It neatly and easily blasts ones consciousness.A throbbing play, one which is true to life, will force you to think and change, change at an individual level. This is because a good street play can awaken your inner self, and become the greatest teacher and transgressor for you.

And, when you come face to face with your spirit you cannot suppress or deceive it. That’s the whole idea behind street theater. Its core objective is that after watching a certain street play, every person in the audience should go home with a resolution.If you really want to experience a street play in the true sense, find yourself the opportunity to watch Maharaja Agrasen College’s street play for the year 2007-08 “Teesra Sach”. The theme they are dealing with is bisexuality; these young guns are creating ripples wherever they have gone with this performance. The play is a must watch especially for those who have yet to get a flavour of campus theater at DU.

It is a great accomplishment, in my opinion, for them to develop such a great script and support it with passionate acting that leaves everyone speechless. As youngsters we should try and involve ourselves in one way or the other to connect with society, because, being a part of the problem also enables us to be a part of the solution.

Vasundhara Sud

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