Online Pranks!


On April Fool’s Day, popular websites pulled clever pranks on people!

This year instead of your friends and family, the internet was ready to fool you. On the day that celebrates pranks and jokes, popular websites pull clever ones on users. While many got fooled by the jokes, many had their guards up and still enjoyed the online-jokes.

Google Nose Beta:

A very corporate and serious commercial was released about Google’s new feature- Nose BETA. It supposedly was supposed to search the smells people would want to find out about and can smell on their computers and laptops. The ad was convincing with people talking about how all senses should be engaged in web browsing. They mentioned the 15 million scentibyte database that would help look for all kinds of smell and Android Ambient Odor Detection for phones.

Now who wouldn’t be curious?

Searching for the smell would prompt users to press the enter button and go close to the screen to start smelling. Obviously, there was no smell, but when the users clicked on the help button a list of possible problems was provide. Then it also mentioned that it was April fool’s day.

The prank was funny, good-humored, and fooled people all over the world!

Gmail Blue:

Many people rely on gmail for their emails and data transfer. Gmail Blue was declared as a technological breakthrough. Apparently the concept was developed 6 years ago but the resources were not available at the time.

When you watch the video, you realize how hilariously intense the “ad” is. You see the Blue Man Group sitting in the video that was baffling. You hear the overuse of the word blue. The inspiration from nature concept was just bizarre.

You fooled us for a minute there. Good one.

Google Treasure Hunt:

Treasure, matey! Arr!

Google pulled another funny one. It asked users to hunt for buried treasure on the Google maps on treasure mode. Maps that apparently belonged to the famous pirate William “Captain” Kidd were shown on the official video. The maps had the clue to the Captain’s hidden treasure.

Symbols and clues that only work after the input of the users were a part of this exciting hunt while some clues were to be joined like puzzle pieces. Funny clips and the open invitation were tempting enough to fool everyone.

YouTube Shut Down:

Oh this was a good one. YouTube asked everyone to watch as many videos as possible before it shut down. The users were asked to choose the video that they thought was the best. Then it was announced that the website will re-launch in 2023, a decade later. In this time the staff would count the voted and review all the videos and give the world the best video of all time. The users were encouraged to upload last minute videos before midnight.

Not only did the staff do a great job looking sincere and trustable, they got Antoine Dodson, a YouTube “star” to talk about the decision as well. They all got a lot of YouTubers and viral video stars to talk about the dream to be voted the best video of all time. A stipend of 500 dollars and a clip-on MP3 player was promised as a prize.

Twitter Vowel Elimination:


Now all social networking sites have been announcing false decisions on putting a price on using accounts and prices on data transfer in the past few years. Fake alerts were sent mentioning that users should forward mails or post statuses to avoid losing their accounts.

But this was cherry on top.

Twitter announced that the users can only get consonants for free. Twitter or Twttr also announced that to use the premium version with vowels, 5 dollars would be charged. That’s right, to write lol or bye would cost you. It was said that this would promote a dense form of communication.

Vowel-less twitter posts were seen on “Twttr” the whole day:





Netflix Categories:


Oh, Netflix, movie jokes were an amazing touch.

Nothing fake or new was created. No prank was pulled. There was a joke too obvious to morph anything!

Netflix came up with painfully specific categories that were not only accurate but extremely funny.

The categories included:

“Movies that are in English but still require subtitles”

“Reality TV about people with no concept of reality”

“Surreal ballets based on William Shatner album”

“When you watch Netflix, it watches you”

“Movies starring Estelle Getty and some other guy”

“Movies and TV shows about seriously pissed off wives”

“Movies featuring an Epic Nicholas Cage meltdown”

“Nephrotic adventures featuring very tiny children”

“Movies starring fruits, vegetables, and fungi”

“TV shows where defiantly crossed arms mean business”



Now Vimeo, the site to share videos, comes up with a new network called Vimeow! You can guess by the name that it has something to do with cats.

You’re right!

Vimeow was announced as a network where all your cat videos could be shared. From funny cats to patiently stalking cats, all videos were available on this cat-centric network!

Meow indeed.

Hulu Shows:


Hulu is also a site where you can watch TV shows and movies.

Why would this site lag behind?

The creators started advertising fake shows. The names were too cheesy too handle.

“The Rural Juror”

“Itchy and Scratchy”

“Ya Heard? With Perd”

Skype Into Space:


The Skype Community announced that it will be releasing a new initiative to make it into a universal communication tool. This is a special step for the future when people will be living on other planets and would want to communicate with the ones on earth.


Not only that, it has exciting features, too!

Automatic video rotation: even if you’re floating about, you would still see the other person the right way up.

Extreme Gravitational Resilience: Skype will work through the different gravitational fields that don’t even let light through. Interesting.

Instant Messaging in Space: Send instant messages to any part of the space that will be received by anyone.

Additional language support: Communicate through languages of new life forms.

Our daily dozes had new twists and spins on April Fool’s Day, 2013. Search engines, social networking sites, and data sharing networks gave the users new pranks and jokes to experience. From Google to Hulu, all your favorite sites were out to get you yesterday.

So which one did you fall for yesterday?

Ambika Chauhan

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