Oppo R5: Slimmest Phone In The World


The thinnest smartphone in the world was launched few days back. Oppo R5 claims to be the slimmest phone in the world with just 4.85 mm thickness. Along with this claim, the company has also promised “best brightness, lowest reflectivity and highly accurate colours”.

Oppo is a Chinese company dealing with electronics. The company is now well established and doing pretty good with consumers in countries like Bangladesh, China, and to some extent even, India.

Here are few of the features of the all-new Oppo R5:

  • Android 4.4 is the operating system provided by Oppo R5.
  • R5 comes with a 13 megapixel rear camera and five megapixels front camera.
  • The smartphone has a 2GB RAM with the availability of 16 GB storage.
  • It features a 5.2 inch full-HD display.
  • The Oppo R5 is said to hit the market at rupees 30,500.
  • The frame of the smartphone comes in an aluminum body and weighs around 155g.

As fascinating as the features seem and its reputation of being the slimmest phone in the world, it is hard to say whether the smartphone will be able to appeal to the consumers. Companies like Samsung and Apple are highly popular at the kind of price range Oppo is releasing its R5, and with Oppo being a Chinese company, one cannot really make an affirmative prediction as to how well the product is likely to do in the market.

Pallavi Sharma

Image Source [https://twitter.com/oppo]