Orange Solar Powered Tent With Electronics

The school wore a festive look as boys were flaunting their new found enthusiasm with only few days left for the Annual Camp to start. Finally after a lot of preparations the rickety buses dropped the boys near the base of the camp where multi-coloured tents were lined invitingly. Next day before sunrise the boys were sweating and swearing along the narrow path towards the top of the hill. On their return the boys, tired and famished, lost their way in the twilight. It was after many hours of thorough searching that the boys were rescued from the forest and brought back to the camp. This is how many camping stories used to be.

Camping is an act of leaving the worries behind to find, if only momentary, refugee in the lap of nature among the grand trees and lofty peaks. But it is time to go “e” with Orange. Finally Orange has launched its solar powered tent which is surely the “tent of the future”. The tent is designed to fulfil all the electronic needs of the campers who miss their friends in the cities because of connectivity problems. Not anymore; carry any electronic gadget with you and Orange’s solar powered tent has the electronics to answer anything. Orange collaborated with Kaleidoscope for designing the tent so that it retains the qualities of the traditional tent along with the electronics of a modern gadget. The tent uses solar power via a wireless charging pouch. The tent is made of the special photovoltaic fibre, which is a revolutionary concept whereby specially coated solar threads are woven with the traditional threads thus turning the surface of the tent into an optimum solar power receiver. The best feature of this futuristic tent is its ability to be located with the help of an SMS or the automatic active RFID technology (a longer range version of that used in London Underground Oyster cards). The feature is of immense help for the lost campers, especially at night. All that you have to do is to send a text message to the tent which will make it glow using the “Glo-cation” technology and hence easily detectable.

The tent has a wireless control hub which shows how much energy is generated and consumed, so the campers are fully aware of their energy statistics and can use it accordingly. In addition the wireless control hub provides the tent with its own 3G WI Fi connectivity. Also controlled by the central hub is an internal heating element installed within the tent’s groundsheet; this under floor heating is initiated on its own once the interior temperature of the tent falls below a certain minimum level.

Purists may argue that the purpose of camping is defeated with the coming of Orange solar tent, but on a different plane the safety of the campers is a top priority in today’s times and the solar tent is a step in that direction. With so many facilities available the only question that remains is its affordability and availability for the average consumer.

Yasir Yousuf Bhat

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