Each leaf
of yours
was mine,
my old banyan.

When the sun hides behind colossal stones,
My heart aches for your balmy porch,
My old banyan.

In dreams,
in childhood,
Your torso was my embrace,
my old banyan.

I flushed, giggled on thy long hands with him,
We swung and knitted life,
Plunged into sweet sauce together,
You witnessed all souvenirs of him,
On my heart,
on my body,
With you I shared my tsunamis and Katrinas,
My old banyan.

the onomatopoeia of anklets,
On tiny feet,
My bliss,
Anklets sang on her feet around you,
You danced along,
My old Banyan.

When wrinkled pallets,
With a grin touching their temple,
Read quadratic equations on my algebraic palms,
I buried tears near,
your root-
Cemetery of my heart aches.

Now ‘L’ed on a lone veranda,
I see leviathan skywalks,
Buildings stretching towards sky,
my heart has loses flame,
The golden dream evaporates,
With you,
my old Banyan.

Vijay Kandpal

Image Source [http://captainkimo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Large-Banyan-Tree-at-Riverbend-Park-Jupiter-Florida.jpg]