Other Side of the Coin

Days after the Congress – lead Government forced to kneel down to the demands of social activist and common men, a series of allegations started against the civil society members of the panel. The candidature of Shanti Bhushan, the proposed Co-chairman of the Drafting Committee, comes under threat after a CD controversy. With cherry on top, the congress Party General Secretary Digvijay Singh, who himself faced corruption charges in M.P. when he was a C.M., raised questions against the effectiveness of one of the members, Santosh Hegde.

They says-“A coin always has two sides.” Now let’s have a look at the other side of the coin.

Pranab Mukherjee, the Finance Minister and the proposed Chairman of the committee is involved in the Rs. 2500 cr. Rice export scam when India itself was facing food inflation and rice shortage, the reason behind the increased prices of food and essential commodities.
P. Chidambaram, the present Union Home Minister, too have some DAAG on his political career. In 1992, he resigned from Minister’s post owing the responsibility for investing in a company which was allegedly involved in securities scam. In 2009 Parliament elections, he was blamed to turn the poll result in his favor. And the latest one, when the CBI was inquiring DMK chief Karunanidhi’s wife and daughter Kanimozi at the party h/q, his presence surely raised some questions.

Veerappa Moily, Union Law Minister, one of the members of drafting committee and former Karnataka C.M., jailed many months for corruption he did during his minister ship in Karnataka. His scandals include Timber Scam where in he involved illegal moving of Karnataka Forest wealth across border. He was also accused for trying to sell many congress seats to unqualified candidates by taking money from them.

And in latest, Veerappa Moily along with Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, came out in Raja’s defense in 2G scam.

The thing which is common in all of the above candidates is there closeness and loyalty towards Congress party President Soniya Gandhi and PM Manmohan Singh. This is not a blame or challenge to there effectiveness but surely somewhere water is flowing under the bridge .And if these are the so called proposed members (?) of the Anti-corruption panel from Government, then I guess there will be no use of Jan Lokpal bill.

Priya Sondawale