Our Common Denominators

I believe in the concept of ‘accidentally on purpose’. When you ignore a person, place, or thing, you say more about yourself than you do about what you are ignoring. Once something becomes visible, it’s impossible to send it back into obscurity.

Our world is very small, and we all live within the same “common denominators” — what is happening in India is happening everywhere; the rich versus the poor, the educated versus the uneducated, and the old versus the young — etc., etc., etc. Worldwide poverty is so overwhelming; it has become an incurables cancer.

Human Evolution is not moving forward, it is moving back to its birth; ignorance. If you stop for a minute and observe the things in your country; intentions and actions of your leaders — you will see many cases in point.

History, no matter the source, written about things that have already happened measures one’s intellect. But life’s experiences determine our level of common sense. We walk around thinking our knowledge and/or technology grounds us; when indeed our so-called primitive technology enslaves us.The common denominator to life is “common sense”.

Intellect without common sense stagnates humanity, keeps us running around in circles of “what was”, instead of, “what is”. It is common sense that helps us survive the harsh realitiesof life, and enables us to see “what works”. Most of our youth seeks “intelligent” from books, but fails to embrace common sense.  If we are to survive, it will take common sense coupled with intellect, of “what worked” versus “what didn’t work” for us to move ahead.

Youth around the world have fallen into a state of complacency, especially the young men. They claim to seek new ideas to make this a better world for everyone; however they cannot get away from old traditions that have not worked. What are the cases in point? Just look at the world around you. Have your traditions brought about equality for your mothers, sisters, or the female fetus that are killed before they get a chance to live? Have your belief systems brought about economical equality between rich and the poor? Do you respect the rights of others to disagree with you without fearing for their lives?

The youth are the voices of the future. But like everything else, if the young lives long enough they will become old. Then where will they be? Until our senior citizens, without their various prejudices and worn out traditions; embrace the youth in respectful, open and honest dialogue, nothing will change. We will continue to be cursed with dissension and wars, started by old rich leaders and fought by the poor youth of the world.

Our “collective” world will not evolve until the chains of traditions, for the sake of tradition, are broken. The common denominator that has begun this catalyst of understanding is the Internet — it is the one technology that bridges the gap between cultures, uninfluenced by the power that is!


Once in a while, a new voice will come on the scene with an ability to express itself using a most unique language. Linda is that voice. By combining her unique style of expression with a voice rich with dialect, her writing reverberates with a resonance rarely heard. Linda is known around the Blogsphere as Amias. She is a wife, mother, grand & great-grandmother. Born and raised in Mississippi, she currently lives in Texas. Linda has won many accolades for her dedication to the impoverished children of her community. She is currently retired and spends her time doing what she loves most; writing. Catch her stuff at http://truthisanotheruselessthought.blogspot.com/.

Image Source: [http://www.bicycles-for-humanity.org/img/humanity.gif]