Our Concern

Yes, we all love our planet earth. After all, we live on it. We also care for it. That is why today it seems just as it was some 10-20 years before, just with new more modern technology. If by any chance we have made our environment dirty, heaven will be neat and tidy, anyway, so why bother.

We still love polluting and taking everything for granted. If god is so kind to give us more money, let us use it to buy more expensive class cars. (Well, after all we live in a society). Of course, its not our cars which cause pollution; it is all because of everyone else on the road that the air is so highly toxic. If we can afford the ACs due to god’s grace, we can keep our rooms at sixteen degrees and use blankets to keep ourselves warm and comfortable. We can’t even see the CFCs emitted so why believe that it is making a hole in the Ozone layer. Future will remain all green since we are doing everything that is benefiting us and we are all not doing anything against the law.

Climate is never an issue. In summers we sigh and crib about how hot it is and then the solution comes with the new split ACs. Since god has filled the human skull with a brain, it is the responsibility of the scientists to come up with technologies that “go hand in hand with mother nature”..If they can’t find a way, as the well-wishers say, “God will find a way”, so then no tension! (A hero will save us). We can always pray for a greener earth with no problems. Environmentalists cry “Global Warming”, and we say “huh?!” Well logically, we don’t see the ice caps melting or the pattern of weather changing, sun still shines, rain still comes and we still have to wear woollens in the winter, so we cannot possibly take the environmentalists seriously. Now if cyclones and tornadoes are happening in other countries, it is their problem. Our platter is already full with the floods occurring every year. We cannot control natural cycles, so we are in no way responsible for climate shifts.

Water is god. We worship it in the form of “Ganga” or “Jamuna”. Yes these rivers might look a little dirty nowadays, but that is because of the industrial wastes. We can not stop industries so this problem can’t be solved. Ganga is sacred as it washes away all our sins. Hence we can conveniently use it in liberal amounts to wash away all our sins. It will always be there. Water was there a million years ago, it still exists, and it will always exist. So, let us use it to wash away the sins of our dishes and clothes also! But, rich people use it more in fountains as they have committed more sins than common people. Why bother about typhoid or cholera? It happens only in unhygienic places, but we use water to keep our place hygienic, always.

See, we can not deny that we produce wastes that pollute the land. But we are humans. It is in our nature to use the resources. Wastes will definitely be produced, we just can’t help it. Plus plastics are very efficient; we can carry many commodities in it. So we can’t stop using plastic. If the question is about land then, we always use our land in the best possible way. We are efficient; we build a 3-storeyed building in a small alleyway and increase the area for the large population to live in. We also are hygienic, that is why we don’t segregate our waste. We just throw it at any place that does not matter to us much.
Many of our leaders and environmentalists have debated on the cutting down of trees. The idea of stopping the use of trees for paper is simply hilarious! Our whole government runs on Paper work. It is biggest example is the thick constitution book we have. Also all action is done on paper. We are not sure whether they get replicated in real life as well or not. All of the students in India have to study on paper. All records are in paper. Therefore, we can not cut down the usage of paper. Trees are very useful, we have to cut them down, and there is no possible solution. Yes, we do need oxygen so there are plantation drives every year to take care of that. There are some people who bother about planting trees so we don’t need to worry about anything.

All in all, everything is well. Our lives are flawless, just a pay-raise is required. Mother Nature is very happy. Future seems bright. What can be better?

Shambhavi Sharan

[Image Source: http://flickr.com/photos/jjjohn/2120309884/]