Our Education System

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about India is our humongous population. The immediate concern in this regard is about  the future of this population and most importantly, new job profiles for the new generation. But the problem starts with the education we get. The Indian education system is the so called best according to the rules. We are believed to be the most hardworking lot. Our parents drill it in our souls that we have to study. When we come to class tenth they say its “izzat ka swaal hai ab toh padh lo”. The environment around lays so much emphasis on preparation and planning that one has a scheme of things already laid before themselves!. It seeps in our mind, body and soul our future is our tenth boards and we start making choices accordingly but we are still unaware of the impending danger; our  education system.

The education system in India gets changed every second. The changes are so drastic that we can’t even imagine what is going to happen next. Our mathematics books which appeared like bible at one point of time; now seem like light weight manuals. Our science books which used to provide vast knowledge about the science around us are now allowed to give only brief introductions. It reminds me of one of the Harry Potter movies where the students are just allowed to have the bookish knowledge and nothing else, no information about the real life application of things.

Earlier the board exams had such vast syllabus that it was not possible to cover every aspect of a particular topic. Besides that it provided huge background which meant no crash course was required to clear entrances. The text books offered so much of knowledge that students never required anything more. Things changed for this generation when the texts were made brief. It offered less information which led to increase in crash course programs. The coaching centre culture has become so popular that people are now beginning to look at it as a successful career option.  Many doctors after completing their M.B.B.S. decide to take up coaching as they find it a more profitable venture. This business has become so huge that now the coaching institutes offer huge amounts to their teachers.

Every year the Education ministry changes something in the syllabus and hence keeps on reducing the chances of students to clear entrances. Our books never provide enough knowledge as the ministry likes to shrink the syllabus. One reason for reduction in syllabus are the accusations of the Human Rights Commission as they always like to press charges against the ministry for putting burden on students. They hold them responsible for the suicides happening in our country pre and post board exams. It’s not actually their fault but certain other factors also lead to such sad happenings.  Confidence and courage to face good and bad is very important. Every one of us has faced failure in some form and success in other form at some point of time. It’s always right to take both with positivity rather than adopting negative approach and we can always overcome our problems.

Another twist in the tale is the removal of board exams and making them optional. It has agitated the passed out batches as they believe the coming generation require seriousness in studies and if the boards are removed there will be no seriousness about academics. The reforms in the education ministry have always made the students suffer. There is nothing left to say about the progress of our education system. It’s an open book right in front us.

Kriti Singh

Image Source: [http://www.wunrn.com/news/2008/01_08/01_14_08/011408_india_files/image007.jpg]