Our Environment and Us

“If I were a Star, my blaze and profoundly passionate fury could char the whole world into a gutted land. If I were a Sea Wave, my belligerence and aggressive wrath could incapacitate the whole world in its voracious mouth. If I were Land, my long obscure dormant and bitter aggravation could rip apart the whole of me and drag you to the abyss. And if at all, I were Wind, my high velocity and body piercing indignation could wash away the whole of you and turn the world upside down. But here I am, just a helpless God, intangible and dumb, incapable of expressing myself, my utter annoyance from humans! I will wait! I will wait for the dire upshot that will eventually show up the humans, who have malignantly misaligned all my natural processes just to satiate their insatiable desires. Profane you humans! Do not be mistaken! These stars, waves, land and wind are all my disciples and no foes. You are digging your own burial ground and summoning your own death. Beware before it’s too late.”


With a population of over six billion and total land availability of less than 1.5 million square kilometers, resource consumption has been increasing at a potentially high rate which has given rise to the recent global food catastrophe and energy and water crisis. We see how the resource competition has culminated into resource depletion. Let me warn you, if the current resource consumption rate persists, time is not far when our plight would be worse than our ancestors. Our ancestors did not have the technology to produce air conditioners and computers. We would not have electricity to do the same. Our ancestors did not have Kent Water Coolers to produce cold relishing water and we would not have water to employ Water Coolers. How very crystal clear and comprehensive! Yet we still deny comprehending this fact and wear the garb of ignorance. Today, to acquaint you, there are tons and tons of resources that are extravagantly exploited in unproductive areas. With unconstrained hiking oil prices, we contrarily see so many of us who can still afford to lavishly spend so much to meet their religious purposes, putting tons and tons of ghee on their religious idols when others just cannot make their both ends meet. We have literally changed the whole outlook of our so called Goddess Mother Ganges just to convey our deep entrenched love for her performing all the rituals that could only make her filthier and filthier. With the current population explosion, deforestation and consumption have been triggered and our reluctance to do anything about it could produce eye opening upshots and it would be too late to take precautions then.


Today with accelerating rate of consumption of electronic devices, the concept of e-waste has come up. The obsolete computer sets and various digital devices which are presently stored will eventually find places in landfills or will be incinerated. These contain various harmful chemicals like lead and mercury which causes environmental degradation and in the long run causes human developmental and neurological disorders. They might as well enter the ground water in case of poor access to facilities leading to disastrous consequences.


Burning of fossil fuels, especially coal has serious implications on our environment. It blatantly adds to global warming, which is a growing buzz word recently and a notorious environmental issue. Today, technology has given rise to various environmental problems. Dam Construction is a clear cut exemplification of this. It leads to large scale disruption of the environment and causes various social and economic problems as well. Rage in the form of protest movements like the Narmada Bachao Andolan has taken place recently but most of them have either been unattended or poorly rectified. Many reckless industrial activities also lead to environmental problems. The contemporary Bhopal Gas Leak can be a good epitome in regards to this. The government does not take strict actions to monitor and penalize such careless demeanour of industries and hence they continue to prevail.


Green Revolution has also led to large scale environmental damage. The profligate usage of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides has disrupted the natural processes occurring in the soil and has hampered its fertility. Above that, it has promoted monoculture which devoid the soil of just one nutrient and makes the whole crop vulnerable to damage. Green Revolution has undoubtedly increased the productivity but it erratic and has also increased the risk and is one of the major causes of the recent global food crisis.


With improper administration of Government Environmental Programs and Policies, most of them run futile and lead to wastage of funds. Wise Ideas followed by Right Actions can only lead to desired results. The human environment relation has led to the destruction of various ecosystems be it terrestrial or marine and has drastically contracted our bio-diversity. Human negligence has caused terrible oil leaks and poisoned the atmosphere. We, the people are supposed to get up and stop deluding ourselves. Science and technology can never be a better substitute for nature. We ought to realize this lest bear the consequences. Various environment protection programs have come up like the Chipko and the Appiko Movement that should be promoted and encouraged. Our lives are in utter danger. And at this juncture, what is most important is self realization with action. Presently, we act like typical herd instincts. She continues to use plastic so even I should. She uses air conditioner all day so even I should not bother about the environment and continue to do the same. That’s where we are mistaken. Remember each one of us planting a tree can make an entire forest and this single effortless planting of tree by each of us can absorb so much of carbon dioxide and prevent climatic variations. Each one of us acting a little responsible by strewing the trash in the dustbin can keep the Whole World clean. Fancy! Such a trivial step can solve such a Big problem. Is there any concrete effort required in that? I hope not. It just requires a little amount of contribution and responsibility and the processes would run back in their natural orbits. You love yourself. And it is this love asking for a little support so that it can see you back in the future. You just need a bit commitment and perception and our planet earth would actually and always be THE BEST PLACE to survive.

Silky Agrawal

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/el_ramon/3480971263/]