Our fight for the Lokpal Bill

I was sitting in my classroom, wondering about the outside world, as the world outside the classroom always fascinated me. The lecturer was going on from a long time but my mind wandered around the corridors of imagination incepting new horizons. Suddenly I heard some voices raising slogans and that raised certain eyebrows including the lecturers. He was quick to mention “Ye Anna ka morcha hai.” It was break time and the class dispersed. I went downstairs and saw people marching on KG Marg where my college is situated. Voices were high, the crowd was huge and the tri – colours attracted me towards them. I ran out of the gate and stood at the corner where I was moved by the crowd. I struggled with the waste in my bag to find my camera to capture this marvel.

It was for the first time that I was seeing a mass movement against the government, I was startled by the enthusiasm of the crowd. Two days before this rally India celebrated her 64th independence day, and the very next day Anna Hazare was going to start his Anshan protesting against the government’s draft of the Lokpal bill and the government’s attitude towards the Jan Lokpal draft which was drafted by the members of the civil society. The movement is led by the reverend Anna Hazare, a 74 year old Gadhian. The day August 16, 2011 was the day which changed the life of a common Delhi resident. Anna was arrested on his way and sent to Tihar jail, which agitated people to protest against the government. There were people all over the road holding placards and tri – colours supporting Anna’s movement. Just two words came to my mind – thrilling and moving, this was a time when every Indian must have felt patriotic and said we want a strong anti – corruption law.
Anna’s movement is a mass movement and is supported by the youth, which makes it all the more powerful. After I captured some pictures and videos in my camera, I jumped into the rally. Starting from KG Marg the rally ended at Jantar Mantar and then we marched back to India gate. While I was with the anti – corruption movement supporters I saw people from all sections of the society joining in the movement. There was a six year old girl holding a placard saying “Anna you are our hero” and there was a 70 year old Sardar Ji lighting a candle to support Anna. I saw the aspiring doctors, the chartered accountants, the Delhi metro staff, students from the University of Delhi and executives from various organizations.

While marching back to India Gate I got to hold the national flag which was flying high during the march and the tri – colours were all around, voices rose and slogans were chanted like ‘Vande Matram ‘, ‘Jai Hind‘, etc.

There was a different spectacle at India Gate. As per my knowledge and experience I haven’t seen so many people at India Gate with candles and tri – colours. On April 2, 2011 I saw some people celebrating India’s world cup triumph but this was bigger than that triumph and it is just the start.

Satyendra Pandey