Our Leaders: A Shame to the Nation

CM Achuthanandan’s ego seemed to be more important while commenting on a brave soldier’s death. To be more precise, he said that had it not been for Major Unnikrishnan, not even a dog would have come to his home. Such a disgusting and mirthless statement, one would have never expected an important leader to ever use, to insult a family. The whole nation was in utter shock yesterday with several protests bursting up in small pockets spread across the country. Even after the repeated requests and pressure on the chief minister, he simply refused to apologize to the major’s family.

As if losing a young, 31- year-old son was not enough. Major’s family had politely refused to accept the “monetary reward” on the sacrifice made by the Major. Before even arriving to show his “condolences”, CM’s security sniffer dogs were sent to insure whether the house was safe and secure. This act in itself was an insult, not only to the Major’s family but also to every army officer who sacrifices his/her life to make our nation secure. By giving this statement, CM Achuthanandan actually indicated the amount of respect the army receives from the government.

Although, there is no point in being biased towards one party being nasty, each major political party in India is equally worse. The issues are numerous. They may range from politicians leaving comments without even once thinking on what they speaking about (one very illuminating example is of a political leader commenting on ladies wearing make up during demonstrations) or them being corrupt to the highest degree.

During the eve of Mumbai terrorist attacks, the BJP leaders were happily negative-campaigning about Congress in every TV-Interview-Opportunity they got. They yelled about every mistake the government committed on handling the situation. Yet I could not find any one of those leaders helping out the wounded at the site of blasts and firing.

BJP seemed to be firing the political arena at a time when India most needed political unity.

Delhi elections followed the resignation of important leaders. Rather than taking up severe measures for the nation’s security, every step was taken to break down an already shattered glass of our Indian-Political-Leaders team. Far from being strong and composed in such a tense situation, leaders in power backed out from handling the situation, leaving every politician not in power, an incentive to promote themselves.

Indian democracy is laughed upom, even by the citizens of this big nation. What exactly is the use of a democracy, if the choice remains in choosing between the worse party and the worst party? In this respect, a military rule was better. At least it could remove corruption and bring about discipline so that no terrorist could even dare to attack India.

Shambhavi Sharan

[Image Source: http://cdn0.wn.com/o25/ar/i/c8/09ccf4d5a7b8ad.jpg]