Our Life Our World

The world is not fair,
One has to work hard even to inhale the air.
Life is not always easy,
It is in fact fast paced and busy.
One has no time to rest and love
To live life as one must.
Necessities have become a daily dose,
Standing and working all day on your toes.
The fast paced life and always moving has dragged all along,
But I wish the simplicity of the past to come back and undo the wrong.
So much has changed,
Lifestyles are ranged.
With the unknown future and forgotten past,
The present is shaking and wavering at last.
I Wish time would turn back,
I wish the glory of past comes back,
Where simplicity still lingers in air
And happiness is there to share.
The A world where there is friendship and brotherhood
And where love and peace stood;
Where borders and boundaries of land and heart are diminished,
Where anger and dishonesty are finished.
I know this sounds like a dream,
Yet it is a thought from my minds passionate stream
I know it is an illusion,
But it’s far better than harsh world and so called nuclear fusion.
Times are changing further,
We are slowly and gradually losing our world our mother.
With time all will be lost,
Our world our life our love is the cost.
Hope and hard work is all we have got
To save our world and be a happy lot …….

Aarshi Dua