Our Weekend Specialist: Kapil Sharma


India is having the world’s best weekend

Weekends have felt different for quite some time now, haven’t they? If your answer is no, then, you have surely missed out on something special that has been transpiring in India. But if your answer is yes, then, you are among so many others who sit spellbound in front of their televisions.

Every time he walks on stage, he has us thinking about where he gets this sense of humour from. He makes jokes about people he interacts with and their traits without hurting them. In fact every time you watch him, you roll on the floor with laughter.

In one of the episodes, when someone asked him about where he gets his sense of humour from, he answered, “Side mein National Market hai, waha 700 gram humour milta hai Rs 250 mein. Din mein teen baar paani se pijeye.”  (There is a market nearby where you can buy 700 grams of humour for 250 rupees only. Drink it with water thrice a day.)

I hope you have guessed that I am talking about Kapil Sharma, the man who has transformed the way comedy is perceived in India. I don’t think giving him the crown for being India’s funniest man will be an exaggeration, because he is witty, whimsical and a genius when it comes to comedy. From being rejected in the auditions of a stand-up comedy show in the year 2005 to becoming the host of Jhalak Dikhlaaja, Sharma surely has come a long way.

It was during his involvement with Jhalak Dikhlaja that he shared the concept of his show with the team of the Colours channel. However, Sharma kept a condition that he would be the producer of this show. And that’s how Comedy Nights with Kapil was conceived.

It is indeed a show of its kind, which has not only cast a spell on its viewers but also the stars of Bollywood. Perhaps this is the only show where popular female actors like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra were not bothered about camera angles because they were having a hearty laugh.

When Ajay Devgan, an actor who is known for his intense looks, came on the show to promote Satyagraha, Sharma asked him, “Ajay bhai aapne Golmaal jaisi hit series mein kaam kiya. Ek comedian ka role ada kiya, aapne Singham jaisi film mein ek emaandar afsar ka role kiya. Phir aapne Omkara jaisi serious film ki, aapne Shahid Bhagat Singh mein desh bhakt ka kirdaar nibhaya. Toh itne saare versatile role ke baad, kaisa lag raha hai Comedy Nights with Kapil mein aake?” (You have done a variety of roles, serious and funny and won National Awards. But, finally how does it feel to be on Comedy Nights with Kapil?)

The intense look vanished immediately and Devgan laughed out loud.

The best thing about Sharma is that he doesn’t make obscene jokes. A family sitting together in a room will never feel offended and will go to bed with a smile on their face. Another intriguing  thing about Comedy Nights with Kapil is its cast. There is an alcoholic Dadi (grandmother) played by Ali Asgar, a nagging wife, Sumona Chakravarti and an unmarried gambler bua (father’s sister), Upasana Singh. How can I forget, Sunil Grover whose portrayal of Gutthi has taken the country by storm. And completing this family is Sharma himself, who plays the role of Bitoo.

What’s more is that Sharma invites all the Bollywood bigwigs to his show. Shah Rukh Khan who first came with director Rohit Shetty and Deepika Padukone to promote his film Chennai Express was so impressed with the show that he made his second appearance after a few weeks. In fact, Khan also expressed his desire to buy the show.

Mera show he kyu kharidna chahte ho? Itne kum paise hain aapke paas!” (Why my show? You are rich and can buy bigger shows?), retorted Kapil.

Ek kaam karo. Koi aur show le lo. Bigg Boss le lo. Ab toh dosti bhe ho gayi hai.” (Why don’t you buy Bigg Boss? After all both of you are friends again)he added, naively taking a jibe at the much talked about Eid patch up between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Poor Shah Rukh Khan, who avoided talking about this topic in media, couldn’t control his laughter. That is the kind of impact Kapil has on the Bollywood industry.

However, what really works for Sharma is his humility through which he understands people. It’s easy to figure out that he has come across people from different stratas of society right from lower class to elite. And with his keen observation skills, he analyses their traits and transforms them into scripts for his show.

Another aspect that really binds the audience to this show is the interaction section where the audience on set can interact with the celebrity present. But that’s not all, they go a step ahead and dance with these celebrities and many even give them gifts.

Sure, many other comedians have seen growth in the Indian television industry, right from Bharti to Naveen Patnaik, but none of them have been able to achieve what Sharma has.

Some people even say that Comedy Nights with Kapil is based on the global British hit Kumars at No. 42. And so what if it is, because currently the best weekends in the world are being experienced by Indians. Thanks to Kapil Sharma.

Mohit Marwah

Image Source [http://www.bestmediainfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Comedy-Nights-with-Kapil.jpg]