Out On The Sea

Seven moons long my parting
And wails for a lifetime
The Seas have not shown any calm
I’m still waiting for harbour

It was many more moons yonder
‘er I chose to go out on sea
The placid waves, the unknown
Shores of the mystic – a rare spice
An aroma that stole me from boyhood

Have lost my illusions of mermaids
Ever since, have just become a loading hand
To be paid for hoarding on my head
The World’s garbage – a shilling or two
I enjoy a calm, deep sleep – no dreams

Have seen much of the world
Known taverns and men – made friends
Like the ocean waves, and known women
The Chinese and the Korean – at every port a different race
A carnal desire for company

Now all I seek is home – my land
Though I have none to call my own
The Country road calls me none the less
A life on the farm – maybe corn – I seek
No more adventure – dreary monotony

The world’s too young for me
At 23, need an escape – to sanity
Money doesn’t count – Calm, Comfort
A new road to existence

The Seas, however, have shown no calm
I’m still waiting for my harbour…still toiling

Abhimanyu Jain