Outdoor Patio Lighting

Outdoor patio lighting not only gives the night parties a flavor but also helps in keeping mood chirpy and jovial. Outdoor patio lighting is been currently suggested by architects as a well chosen way to light your outdoors all season long. Proper placement of outdoor lighting is equally important and not only is it of cosmetic use but also can turn trees and other features into landscaped marvels and can be of essential use illuminating walkways for safety.

Outdoor patio lighting is very versatile and can be used in many ways, some of which we have discussed below:

Step Lighting:

When planning to decorate with outdoor patio lighting consider step lighting. This enables everyone to locate and see where they are going when using your steps. This means prevention of tripping or falling for you and your guests. Step lighting doesn’t just provide more safety, but beauty as well. A tip is to put step lighting underneath railings, buried in the steps or on upright posts. Doing any of these will add a natural glow to your steps without the glare.

Stand-Alone Lighting:

If you often hold parties in your patio, consider a stand-alone lighting fixture. This can provide sufficient outdoor patio lighting for larger crowds or areas and can also make a great statement.  A tip on using outdoor deck lighting is to make sure it doesn’t cause too much glare.

Solar outdoor patio lighting:

It’s a relative newcomer to the outdoor lighting market but has captured homeowners’ fancy with a vast selection of fixture styles and dead-easy installation and upkeep. Like outdoor landscape lighting, solar lights can be used to illuminate steps, paths, and pools. However, instead of an electric power source, solar lights use a photocell that charges a NiCad battery during the day and then powers the light at night.

Natural outdoor patio lighting:

String patio lights are perfect for temporarily dressing up patio seating areas or entertaining spaces. Lanterns may be low tech, but nothing beats the charm and versatility of these time-trusted outdoor lights. You can find garden lanterns in a huge array of styles from Chinese to Victorian. Tiki torches and deck torches are another great addition to outdoor lighting deck and porch lighting. Styles range from classic bamboo stakes, to metallic finish oil fueled torches and wall torches.