Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting is the best way to secure your house from any form of theft or burglary. Outdoor security lighting is safe, effective and adds to the décor of the house. The security lighting ought to be used only for security purposes and not for lighting up the garden or your house on a regular basis. Security lighting helps in removing all the dark areas around the house and helps the residents keep a check on the people lingering or entering the house at night. There is a gamut of outdoor security lighting options available which can be installed to protect one’s house and family. Various security lighting options that can be installed in the house are given below:

* Porch lights: A good buy for securing the porches and entries of the house that uses a minimum of a 60-watt bulb. Porch lights can be kept on all night as along with providing security for the house, it also adds to the exterior décor of the house.

* Spotlights: Extremely strong outdoor security lighting which efficiently and effectively covers up a huge area. The outdoor flood lighting is cost effective and the safest option which can easily track down an intruder hiding within the range of the spotlight which includes lawns, driveways etc.

* Landscape lights: Landscape outdoor security lighting is the best form of security light measure that lights up the dark corners around the house. Landscape lighting gives a striking look to the surrounding areas by using shades of light that illuminates various areas and furnishes it with a distinct style and beauty.

There are various ways the outdoor security lighting can be controlled:

* Manual Control: The lights in and around the house are controlled manually. It might be a risky affair as sometimes the habitant might forget to switch on the light when an intruder enters the house. He might also forget to turn off the lights before sleeping which will end up using unnecessary amount of electricity.

* Outdoor motion lighting sensor lighting: One of the best forms of outdoor security lighting which automatically detects an unwanted presence within the security range and turns the lights on. There are two types of motion detector sensors- thermal and physical.

* Outdoor home automation security lighting: The lights are automatically controlled within, and around the house. The lights turn on and off at a pre-decided time that is very helpful when the residents have gone out giving the illusion that someone is in the house.