Searching for a place to have a quiet brunch with the special someone in your life? Head to Ovenfresh, the most popular eatery in Shivaji Park. Ovenfresh is one of the most famous joints which dishes out Mexican and Italian Cuisine. After Nebula (the multi cuisine restaurant and the sole competitor to Ovenfresh) closed down, Ovenfresh has emerged as the undisputed monopolist in this area.


Strategically located on Ranade Road, Ovenfresh is frequented by school and college goers and the residents of Shivaji Park, one of the plushest locales in Mumbai. This also implies that finding a place to park your vehicle can be quite a cumbersome task on most days.


Ovenfresh consists of two sections. One, which is exclusively for patisseries which are displayed right before entering the main menu section, ensures that customers are left asking for more. Nice strategy, I must say. The ambience is pleasant. The two rooms are well lit. The décor is simple yet cheerful. The wall in the main menu section, splashed with caricatures in vibrant colours serves as a treat for your eyes.


Ovenfresh can get annoyingly crowded in the evenings. One will never miss the serpentine queues outside it. The wait could be unending – one might have to wait for 1- 1.5 hrs on weekends and holidays quip regulars.


The main menu boasts of a wide assortment of foods. Be prepared to get a hole burned in your pockets because Ovenfresh dishes out regular Mexican and Italian fare at exorbitant prices. The portions served here are exasperatingly small.


The cheese pizza (125/- plus extra charge for the toppings) is succulent and is one of the best pizzas I have tasted in Mumbai. The enchiladas are unique in their texture and are a must try. The sizzlers turned out to be a major disappointment mainly because of the quantity of French fries and noodles served. The fajitas and nachos are passable.


Ovenfresh is paisa vasool in terms of quality, not quantity. One thing which caught my eye (or should I say, tickled my taste buds) was that the baked beans used here were quite different from the normal American beans which happen to be extremely bland. The baked beans were cooked to perfection to tantalize the taste buds of the Indian foodie.


One can’t leave Ovenfresh without trying the Rum balls. Soft and gooey from the inside, the intoxicating flavour of rum fused with the goodness of chocolate would make any gastronome go gaga. The chocolate brownie is slightly over baked while the chocolate doughnuts are another favourite of mine. The croissants are avoidable.


In a nutshell, head straight to Ovenfresh for a lazy Sunday brunch but don’t forget the moolah.

Siddhi Rawool

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/snekse/2817240145/]