Pachmarhi- Viewer’s Delight

At the heart of India is situated an exotic place which is popularly called the Queen of Satpura. The place where nature endows its exquisiteness. It is Pachmarhi, a hill station in Madhya Pradesh, situated at a height of 1067 meters in a valley of the Satpura Range in Hoshangabad district. This place is also accredited with being the most opulent gem of the state.


The place owes its existence to Captain James Forsyth of the British Army in 1857 who urged the government to build a sanatorium here. It later became a famous hill station. The town now has an army cantonment with the army controlling most of the town.

Tourist attractions

The saucer shaped hill station is full of lustrous greenery over the mountains. There is a series of visually appealing waterfalls running through the rocky mountains and thick woody forests. The most famous ones amongst them are Bee Fall, Duchess Fall, Apsara Falls (vihar) etc. Bee fall, a major tourist attraction, is a picturesque spot which flows and jumps into the valley and makes a buzzing sound. This is what gave its name,  Bee Fall. There are also a bunch of small pools over the falls which provide a perfect spot for an irresistible drenching in cold water. The town also has quite a few religious places like Chauragarh, Jatashankar, many of them situated in caves. Jatshankar, a natural cave, is located in a deep valley, with enormous boulders roosted above. It is a famous Hindu pilgrim shrine of Lord Shiv. Pachamrhi and is an important location for archaeologists who are interested in  various other ancient caves like Pandav caves & the rock paintings found in them, especially in Mahadev hills. Situated within the Pachmarhi Biosphere reserve, it also has a very large wildlife conservation area. Pachmarhi is also home to the highest point, Dhupgarh, of Central India. Dhupgarh is a sunset point. It gives immense pleasure to watch the sunset in the horizon from a height of 1100 mt.

Pachmarhi is very rich in flora and fauna which adds to the beauty of place. It also has rich timber reserves especially teak. Pachmarhi is also famous for its honey which is a must buy  when you visit this place.

Stay and food

During rainy and winter seasons, the hill station witnesses a large number of tourists. It is during rainy season that waterfalls are a spectacular watch.  You can find lot of hotels fitting in everybody’s pocket and taste. There are series of luxurious hotels and restaurants of MP Tourism which provide you a luxurious stay at a delightful place. Different tourist spots are reached by Jeeps which are easily available. Food is not  a problem at all. Every type of Cuisine, whether it is south Indian or Punjabi or Chinese, is available. It is a place which has the potential to satisfy every tourist. One thing which is a bit disturbing is the fact that no telecom network other than BSNL works. It is due to government’s policy of preserving the natural resources and climate at hill stations. But no worries, there are ample number of PCOs available.

From waterfalls to caves to thick forests, nature is at its best here.  Pachmarhi is the place if you are looking for an enthralling and fascinating vacation.

Shobhit Kudesia

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