Attacks on africans

Incredible India: A Racist Society?

Our country is the home ground for the phrase, ‘the guests are God’ or ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Since childhood, we have been taught to treat our guests as the most honourable people that we will ever meet, and to make their visit as pleasurable as possible. From cooking mouth-watering...

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Making Gay Go Away

What stems from parents-in-denial of homosexual people, or the people who want to lead the ‘normal’ life and wish to do away with the homosexuality in them? It leads to psychologists and various other doctors developing a therapy that not only rids people of their homosexuality but also give...

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Daughters-In-Law Should Be Treated As Family, Not Maid, Supreme Court Rules

“Did your mother not teach you culinary courtesies?” “Why haven’t you called your father yet?” “When am I getting my super-utility vehicle?” “Your monthly cramps give me a headache.” “This time, a son.” “This time, a bigger television set.” “This time add more sugar to my tea.” “A little less sugar.” “Even your rotis are like you,...

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Realistic Bollywood

Grossing Crores Or Imparting Awareness?

Recreating history or deliberating the societal concepts, has been a very crucial, if not commercial part of Bollywood since 1960s. Realism was a bastion of parallel cinema in the 60s, 70s and 80s, with filmmakers like Shyam Benegal and Govind Nihalani capturing the pulse of contemporary social issues in...

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State and religion

The Gods, The State And Maneka Gandhi

Historically, the State has always kept its distance from Religion. Accepting the importance of organised religion in an individual’s life, the value of the belief and respecting the faith a citizen has are some of the reason for this demarcation. Avoiding the chaos of clashing with religious rules and...

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Quirky Films

Have We Forgotten These Stories?

While some filmmakers give us trash in the name of entertainment, some spin magic. And their craft is profound. Here are four such films that were absolutely delightful to watch. These filmmakers need to take a bow, and we need to recognize and remember these films.

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Fighting For The Iron Throne Of Hastinapur?

Mahabharata is considered as the most multifaceted and intricate of all epics in the history of time. That there could be so many unfathomable layers to this multi-cast noir story is extraordinary. If you have read the heroic saga, you will agree that it is, in fact, its characters...

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Ugly Indian Women

I Am An (Ugly) Indian Woman And You Have My Pity

They say knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss. And this journalist has proven (quite successfully, might I add) that a combination of both is a deadly cocktail of the foolhardy. So I am breaking his gigantic and gluttonous bubble of lies, hate, shaming and disgust. Mr Matt I-am-obsessed-with-India...

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Berlin To Israel: Walls Of Persecution

Some years ago, in a class in the University of Delhi, a philosophical question was put forward by a professor – “In the 50,000 odd years the human species has been on planet earth, what is the difference between the earliest human and you?” Many answered in terms of...

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Oh Spit! Here, There And Everywhere

How do we define freedom? The power to act, speak or think as one wants. It has long been established, since 1947, that our country India, is a free country. However, have we found freedom in loving whoever we want? Have we got freedom to pursue our choice of...

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Is The Art Of Theatre On Decline? 

Theatre is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers, essentially actors, to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience, in a specific place, often comprising of a stage. The performers communicate the experience to the audience by the combination of...

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Ripping It Open: The Denim Dilemma In India

Before writing on something that is evidently contemptible and voiced alike by many, I came across a list of incidents that were distressingly similar to one another. These stories were finely patched together by shame that were forced into their foundations, because as a society, we love toying with...

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