Pakistan in a Web of Islamic Insurgency

Pakistan today finds itself astringed in the midst of a deep crisis. Though, the crises are not new to Pakistan considering the deeply fragile trysts the country has had with democracy. But, unfortunately the present situation is much more than just a clash of politics between the civilian government and the military. Rather, Pakistan today faces an acute internal crisis. For the first time since its formation, the Pakistani state is in real danger of being overrun. The Taliban, bred and reared by successive governments of Pakistan , has now trained its guns on its benefactor.

The various factions of Taliban combined present a formidable challenge to the might of the Pakistani army as well a severe threat to the nuclear weapons in the country. Every time the army claims victory over the extremists, Taliban has been able to diminish those claims with bolder terror attacks. Few months back, Pakistan claimed of subverting the Taliban in the Swat valley and since then we have been seeing incessant attacks and bomb blasts in one city or another. In the past few weeks, Pakistan has endured a series of terrorist attacks which are thought to have been orchestrated by the Taliban and has so far taken more than two thousands lives.

The Taliban has now become the biggest threat to the Pakistan and is one of the major reasons which are preventing Pakistan from being the closest allies to NATO. However, it’s not just a niche of time; it is something which was determined to happen long ago. Long before the US invasion on Afghanistan, the Taliban and Pakistan used to share a close bond. Taliban helped Pakistan by providing terrorist training areas in Afghanistan for Pakistani-supported militants groups in Kashmir, and in return Pakistan did a covert effort to supply Pashtun troops from its tribal regions to the Taliban cause in Afghanistan-effectively forging and reinforcing Pashtun bonds across the border and consolidating the Taliban’s severe form of Islam throughout Pakistan’s frontier region. Despite of the fact that Taliban could be lethal for them one day, the Pakistan government furnish them with ammunitions, food and man force. And as time passes, Taliban gained control over a large area of Northern Frontier Province. Pakistan’s army and government were contented with the commendable job the Taliban had been performing in subjugating the Indian Army in Kashmir and the Persian speaking Northern Province Afghans. Downplaying the later consequences Pakistani’s supported the Taliban even after unprecedented warnings from NATO, India and the UN. The ruler of Pakistan, then, was heralding it in a way that it will help them in gaining control over those areas. Even after seeing the devastation of WTC in US on 9/11/01 which was headed by a person who was once placed in Afghanistan by US only, they never expected something perilous could ever happen to them.

But finally the tables turned. In the beginning of 2009 when Taliban and Taliban-aided groups implemented Sharia laws in the areas of SWAT and Waziristan by abrogating the women education and admonishing the city women to wear hijaab whenever they step out. And sooner, they start taking stern actions against the citizens of Republic of Pakistan in order to tremble the Pakistani organization system in those areas. Pakistan was still quiet on the Taliban’s audacious actions and atrocities on Women, liberals and non- Muslim sect. But, sooner the mass displacement starts from those areas and international organizations starts censuring the Pakistani administration. It is then the government deduces that the water has crossed their neck and soon they will be drowned. Till that time it was already late. Although, Pakistani government tried by signing a peace treaty with the Taliban but the Sharia peace deal in Swat exposed the Taliban’s true designs for Pakistan and its penchant for further expanding its powers.

It has also worked to create a consensus within the political leadership against extremism. And since then, one day or other, there are news of one or the other bomb blasts or suicide attacks in one place or other and when this ferocious, fundamental group is audacious enough to hit the army headquarters, there is no place left safe in Pakistan.

“For the first time since 9/11, the Pakistani nation has understood the nature and intensity of the threat posed to the country by extremism […]. It is a time for a quick and effective military operation to eradicate these handful clergymen,” analyst Ershad Mahmud, a writer for the Times, told ISN Security Watch. But the truth is Pakistan is tangled in its own net which it had knitted with a heralding belief of surmounting and capturing the Kashmir and Afghanistan.

Mohtashim Hashmi

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