Paparazzi: The Diabetes Of Materialistic Culture


How difficult is it to step out and shop for grocery, or to enjoy a walk in the park or to just wander around aimlessly, not wanting to think about anything else and just drifting into the world of our thoughts, imagination and dreams?

Well, for majority of the people, the only hurdle we must overcome is laziness. However, the same cannot be said for public figures. Every step of theirs in a public and ‘normal’ domain is followed with hundreds of clicks. This is much beyond than getting a random click; it is about getting pictures that would make sure that their tabloids sell, even if it involves shredding the cloak of decency and humanity everyone must wear.

They say a picture speaks volumes, it sparkles the dusty memories back to life. However, of what essence can be a picture of a celebrity having an ‘upskirt’ moment. What memory does it reinstate?

A memory of a moment captured wrong, and which reeks of nothing but indecency. It reeks of a moment of how blotted the art of photography has gone. From appreciating art, the act appreciates money. And that’s what is actually wrong in the world.

Is paparazzi nothing but real photography gone wrong?

Though in India, paparazzi is yet to establish its roots, instances of their invasion and hustling, has finally made some rounds. The cameras that came to honour and uplift them is now scaring and torturing them away. The thing that makes you, breaks you too, and paparazzi proves that time and again.

Kareena Kapoor lashed out at the paparazzi for constantly hoarding her and following her around after the news of her pregnancy was made public. How safe is it for a woman who is expecting her first child, to be surrounded by flashes and all those devices? In a bid to earn money and to show that celebrities are ‘just like us’, they are endangering not one but two lives.

One cannot enjoy the clumsiness of having a fall, fearing that it would be made a front page news and make them a laughing stock. One always have to sit uptight and erect, so as to avoid embarrassment and to avoid the further googling on ‘Katrina reveals her underpants’. As if they aren’t pursued much, there is constant brigade of photographers surrounding them even when they are facing tough times. Remember, Priyanka Chopra’s father’s funeral? His funeral made the front page news, and people earned money and revel in the ‘ungodliness’ of Chopra for crying her heart out.

Is the paparazzi in action so as to instigate in the ‘normalness’ of such celebrities and public figures? They are humans, period. With paparazzi and inquisitive people wanting to know about their favorite stars, the paparazzi has indeed taken an ugly course. Of course, supply caters to the demand, and we do demand to see our stars walking down stairs, or buying fruits and doing other daily activities. After all, they are at our disposal, we can make them or break them, and why not use the power at our behest, right?

There have been accounts of celebrities losing their patience with so many cameras flashing their lives away, and it sets them onto a traumatized phase, wherein the stars start regretting the fame that has ensued them. Recently, Hollywood star Kristen Stewart spoke how her fame made her have anxiety and panic attacks, and paparazzi did instigate the attacks further.

For writing this article, I did watch some paparazzi videos, and it just took the lights out my eyes, literally. It’s not an easy task to be surrounded by flashes 24*7, and now I realize when stars bid for privacy. Because, that thing is actually a rarity.

With social media and its expanse, stars are making, regulating and exhibiting their own lives and catering to the demands of their ‘fans’, however, with paparazzi around, one can expect their life to be as prone to invasion, as much as we are prone to another Chinese invasion.

There has to be a reason that the business of making ‘paparazzi-free’ clothes is earning a lot of money. Let us take that hint, shall we?

Let us actually not hog their lives. If it isn’t clear to many, their life isn’t up for grabs, or entertainment, their work definitely is. Period.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper