Paper Towns: The Story Of A Getaway Driver And A Vengeful Girl


It’s a paper town! Paper houses and paper people, everything’s uglier up close…” with this one stance, anyone can conquer the world and according to Cara Delevingne aka Margo, nothing could be more ‘real’.

Wondering what movie I’m gabbing about? If you guessed- Paper Towns, well then, you guessed it right! Your favorite romantic novel- turned movie couldn’t be more anticipated, especially when written by my talented and legendary buddy-*wink-wink*, John Green.

Usually, though the releases of books-turned-movies are much awaited, the buzz and uncertainty that comes along with any movie, by and large lack. Nonetheless, there are some movies that do away with such allegations; Paper Towns being one of them.

With a bucket full of genius that could fill the Pacific Ocean, and a cast to die for, this movie- similar to the book- has rendered us speechless. Produced by THE John Green himself, it not only portrayed his notion of the paperback more wholly, but also added a ton of talent to the bucket of genius.

A story following two teenagers- one a geek boy-Quentin, and the other a badass and perplexing girl- Margo, who as per the high school hierarchy are forbidden. But then again, with Margo in the loop, there was ought to be some defying of order.

While Quentin continues to dwell on his long time crush on Margo, Margo doesn’t seem to notice. That is, until one night; a night where a lot is said, a lot is done, and a lot is discovered. But will everything be the same by morning, or will everything disappear-including Margo? THAT is for you to find out.

So, do watch this thrilling and epic journey of love, mystery, revenge, and finding one self; you never know when you might get inspired.



Meghna Gupta

Image Source: The Viewspaper