He knew it when he looked at the night sky,
He knew it when he saw the fire and swirling waters,
He knew it as the snow fell and the birds flew,
He felt it inside every moment.

Delving in the reaches of his heart,
It throbbed and beat, making him breathe.
It spurred him on, fuelled him for life,
He kindled it every night before bed,
He woke up with the sun, with it burning deep inside.

It’s a wonder how it feels,
It’s a miracle what it makes one do,
One feels it, loves it, and wants it the most in life,
It’s an addiction…called passion.

Live for it, breathe for it,
He knew that was the right thing to do.
And so, he took it everywhere, every time,
Guided by the light, he made his way,
To gain the most precious thing that exists.
When Life revealed all its secrets to him,
He found it, the answer to everything,
Happiness and an addiction called passion.
Sainyam Gautam

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