Past Midnight Between A Journey

Looking down at the river’s crystal surface,

No sign we see of its flow

A drop of a pebble, the echoing swallow of its dip,

Reminds us, it breathes too, and lives.

Its a night quieter than any, for we breath within ourselves

An unspoken silence reigns unanimously

In front of us, before our eyes, and not above

Hangs dully a pale silver orb, passing reflected glory

No hands can move, no fingers pick stones

Transfixed by nothingness, we watch held in our peace

No voice does break, nor a wind does blow,

Time too is resting between us now.

A trail of light shines on that river below,

The lit water shifts randomly, uncomfortably,

As if tossing in disturbed slumber

And wanting only to be left alone this night.

Above us lies a world we could never imagine

Swirling clouds of grey, thin and wasted

Shimmering points of light dancing in ancient forms

From centuries before, on till forever.

We try to give them names, and make them ours

They smile down and indulge our curiosities

Do they know of how we call them ours, to conquer and hold one day?

And so do they just let us live on, in our short-lived games?

The sound of an engine from afar

It breaks this stream and turns us around

Through the leaves, the lights shine

The arc widens and the train screams past.

We don’t see it from our station

For we sit, supported, below the bridge

The mighty beast passes over us, unnoticing,

Shaking us back to a sudden life.

Nishant Jain