Past, Present and Full Stop

5th June, famously known as World Environment Day. Established by United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to establish the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, World environment day aims to spread awareness of the environment and call for public and government attention.

This years’ theme was biodiversity “Many Species. One Planet. One Future” calls for stimulating awareness on Diversity, and the aptly chosen host-Rwanda-a country of exceptional biodiversity will lead the celebrations all over the world.

It may be just another day but not just another mission. It’s a mission for saving the environment. After years of exploiting the nature, we are today surfaced with numerous pressing problems that challenge nature. Global warming, ocean de-oxygenation, Acid rain, Extinction.

Destruction of the Rain Forest to name a few.

But the point of concern that is directly affecting the mankind today is Climate Change. The basic reason behind climate change is global warming owing to the heating up of the atmosphere. The climate change has direct consequences over the flora and fauna. Climate pays a crucial role in the activity of living species, their food cycle and behind migrations and natural selection. So keeping track of global warming has become a crucial case of study in today’s context.

The average temperature of the Earth has risen by 0.5 degree Celsius over the last 40 years and is expected to increase by 1.4 to 5.8 degree Celsius by 2100. Now what should be pondered upon are the causes behind this kind of warming. The most blaring reason that comes up is the Greenhouse effect. It refers to the trapping of heat of the sun in the earth’s atmosphere by a large number of gases. These gases include-carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous-oxide, ozone etc. These are released through industry, agriculture and burning of fossil fuel which are done generously and on a day-to-day basis by the human species. It is not asked to stop these practices in order to curb global warming but what is expected is an environmental friendly way of releasing gases into the environment.

A few lifestyle changes that can go a long way in helping control global warming include: Using Public Transport, Using renewable sources of energy like wind energy, using eco-friendly air conditioners, reducing electricity usage to a minimum and the much underrated but effective recycling.

If you thinking we are doing nature a favour by protecting it, You are cent per cent wrong. Remember, the blatant truth is “The Environment does not need us, we need the environment”. So when we say “Save the Environment”, we actually mean, “Save Yourself”. The environment has been known to destroy and regenerate itself. It is seen that whenever the lesser being challenges the nature, his doom was destined. It happened with dinosaurs and so it happened with earlier civilizations.

So unless we want to be perished, we ought to respect the power and integrity of nature.

If you believe saving this large environment requires that big an effort, then you still don’t know that charity begins at home. As the common (wo)man, we can be that drop in the ocean. Using the shower economically, disposing wastes intelligently, recycling, not using products that emit undesirable gases or chemicals, saving paper, planting trees are some of the popular practices. Use your creativity and you will find many more.

I am doing my bit, Are You?

Ankita Nayak

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