Pathankot Attacks And The After-Effects In A Nutshell


From January 1st to January 5th, India sat with hands joined in prayer when the Pathankot Air Base was attacked by 6 terrorists belonging to a militant group- Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Another attack and more precious lives were lost in the abyss. Seven fearless men who took an oath to protect their motherland succumbed to their injuries during the agonizing Pathankot attacks. The terrorist attacks which started on 1st January at the Pathankot Air Base took the life of seven security personnel. These men and their acts of valour were responsible for tackling the terrorists as well as bringing the mission to a successful end.

This determination and dedication towards their duty shown by the deceased security officials and the rest of the team requires heartfelt gratitude. However, the applause and honours won’t bring back those martyrs, and while their families are still mourning, the whole nation feels resentful over this incredible loss.

Following are 5 post-attack developments:

#1. PM Modi has called for ‘Firm and immediate action against those responsible for the air base attack.’ Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif has extended his support to Modi. Tributes and remorse for the security personnels who passed away, is pouring in from all over the nation as well as the world.

#2. Political parties have started a debate of their own regarding the Pathankot attacks. Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena and AAP have sparked up a tussle of allegations.

Other set of reports suggest that the terrorists belonged to Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

#3. How the terrorists infiltrated the fortified Base hasn’t still been confirmed. However, the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar has made claims that security wasn’t compromised.

#4. Sources say that revenge for Afzal Guru’s death can be seen as the reason behind the attack. Mazar-i-sharif attacks in Afghanistan and the Pathankot attacks are being linked together, the blood graffiti in the Afghan attacks read- ‘Afzal guru ka inteqam’ and one of the men kidnapped by the Pathankot terrorists told the media of how the attackers talked about avenging Guru.

#5. India is looking at delaying the talks that were about to be held between foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan a little further. This has been done after the devastating Pathankot attacks.


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