Pathankot Attacks: Can Pakistan Solve Its Own Mess?


On 19th February, Pakistan authorities filed a First Information Report (FIR) against unknown persons related to the January Pathankot attacks. This report was filed at the Gurjanwala station in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

The FIR mentions that action is being taken on the basis of the information provided by the Indian authorities. Post registration of the FIR, Rana Sanaullah, Law Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab province, said a Joint Investigation Tteam (JIT) will probe the attack and bring the perpetrators to justice. The team shall consist of both Indian and Pakistani members.

However, the report mentions nothing about the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), blamed by India for being primarily responsible for the attack. JeM is a group operating from Pakistan with an objective to carve out Kashmir from the Indian Territory. Its leader Masood Azhar was exchanged in 1999 against passengers of Indian Airlines Flight IC 814.

Is this a serious attempt by Pakistan to bring perpetrators of the attack to justice or just an eye wash?

Pakistan is yet to vindicate itself on the 26/11 attack. After five years, it is still to punish any individual related to the Mumbai strike. Pakistan allows people like Hafeez Saeed to openly give out hate speeches against India. Moreover, why is Pakistan not naming the persons in the FIR?

The Osama Bin Laden episode in which the most wanted terrorist was living near an Army cantonment had shown the world that certain sections in Pakistan collude with terrorists and provide them safe heaven. David Headley, during an interrogation by a Sessions court of Mumbai, stated in fact, that ISI was involved in the Mumbai attacks.  Even in the Pathankot attack, National Investigation Agency (NIA) had hinted that the terrorists may have gotten help from the Pakistan army.

Military operation ends at Pathankot

Are these arrests just a farce to show India and the world that Pakistan is working to bring down terrorism in their country?

Recently, Obama administration proposed USD 860 million aid to Pakistan, including USD 265 million for military hardware, which America feels will be/should be used to fight terrorism in the country. It may be possible that for Pakistan, terrorism is essentially to ensure that such funds are forthcoming.

So how can we expect Pakistan to be serious in their attempt to tackle terrorist camps flourishing in the country or for that matter bring culprits of the Pathankot attack to justice?

At this juncture, the only means by which the disease of terrorism can be eradicated from Pakistan is by the people of the country itself. There are some genuine sections within the neighbouring country that have become sick with the menace of terrorism.

We hope that these people pull themselves together and work against this scourge of humanity.

Nishant Kumar

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