Peace: A Song Long Forgotten…

Peace- tranquillity, serenity, calmness is a song, which is long forgotten and seems to be thousands and millions of light years away. It seems impossible that the world will once again be as peaceful as it was when it was born! God gifted us the earth and it is the responsibility of each and every human being to maintain its inviolability, but the bitter truth is we have failed to live up to our duties. We have turned this beautiful God’s gift into a hell.

Now-a-days people seem to pretend pragmatism, but just open your eyes and instead of the beautiful picture you will see a confounded portrait. The spirit of humanity just seems to be on its last legs and brotherhood is breathing its very last. The teachings of Allah, Ram, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha are just fading away. PROOF ENOUGH……these days some people are fighting in the name of religion while others just go to the extent of killing each other for a few luxuries. Nobody cares about the consequences .People have become too acquisitive to pay heed to the degradation of the moral values. Money, money, money and money is all what we want. We are drifting away from the indispensable principles of life.

Peace is the unparalleled topic of thousands of debates, is the message of hundreds of programmes, it is the beloved word of the politicians, but hey give me a break does somebody really practice all this?? Naah …for youngsters it’s a big crap, for adults it’s the latest news and for the elders it’s like old wine!!! This world has been divided into flotsam and jetsam with its each organ fighting with the other to prove its worth .Millions have lost their lives in this war, millions are fighting, millions have become homeless, millions have lost their beloved ones, but hey no need for an alarm!! Our I-pods are safe in our pockets and Reebok is still manufacturing the latest commodities.

The Two World Wars involved almost the entire world and let loose a reign of terror, which divided the world into the imperialist and the not so developed countries. It was the age of bloodshed and murder. But, how can we forget the endowment presented to us by the two wars –The Atom bomb? Since, then this world has been involved in a race for nuclear weapons and innumerous countries have vanished from the map of this world in this race. Some super powers instead of serving the humanity are proving to be the reason for its annihilation. Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Palestine have lost their people and property worth millions, their economy is shattered. ..and have lost their integrity to the so-called super powers. Places like Kashmir, The North eastern Sisters, and Waziristan are witnessing human rights violation. People are being killed every day for one reason or the other.

This world needs to change….isn’t it high time we sow the seeds of universal brotherhood and peace. However, cliché it may sound but it is still the truth .We need to ignite the embers in the juvenile souls for the countdown has started and the atom bomb of disaster may blow up soon. Before belonging to some caste, creed, religion or nation we are the members of this big family of The Earth.



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