Peace Redefined

The time that punctuates war cannot be branded as peace.
The signing of documents lined with suspicion does not manufacture peace.
The white sheet that conceals pain and misery does not symbolize peace.
The quietness that leaves many a grieving cries unheard cannot be mistaken for peace.

Peace is not the coward who runs away when threatened
Peace does not need to fight for its survival.
Peace is not imposed on the mind, it vibrates from the heart
Peace does not expect the tiger to embrace its prey, or man to act like an angel.

Peace is respecting the differences but preventing the wrongs.
Peace is accepting that everything is not good but preserving what is.
Peace is the law that governs the world which ensures that man does not interfere with his own progress.
Peace is the subject of man’s hope and the realization of the Divine dream.

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