There it lay, exactly there.
Completely still,
No signs of movement even.
Trampled upon by people,
Kids and adults alike.
There it lay,
bearing it all,
Getting pressed deeper into the rain soaked ground.


Looking at it I wondered,
was it the heavy rain of last night
that had carried it along?
Or was it the work of one of those bratty little kids
who had mischievously thrown it over the fence.
Was it was just my mood
making my mind wander into a puerile direction.
Or was it just another one of those routine things
that I had failed to notice before?


With each careless step
it moved in deeper and deeper,
Pushing its way through the soil
To find a place for itself in the ground



As I got up to leave, after a few hours,
It wasn’t there where it was,..
All that was left in place
was its mark on the ground.


Looking at it I wondered,
Was it the wicked gardener’s eye
that had caught the pebble?
Or was it the discomfort of the pebble itself
That had made him leave for the place it deserved.


Sahil Chopra