Pen Vs Sword

With all the fingers being pointed and questions asked about the intended sanctity of the journalistic profession and its place with respect to the present social an economic structure, it has become commonplace to think about the subject in depth.

At the outset, let’s remind ourselves of the fact that the media is but a reflection of what we are as a society. Whether that is how it should be, is a subject that we will discuss later on. For the time being though, lets grind our heads with what we have, and not with what can be.

The civil society blames the media for half the things that are wrong with our generation these days and attempts to elude the probing eye of the inquisitor by taking the moral high road. What you cannot practise practice is just an exception for you, while for others all the time being the rule. You reap what you sow. The intent of mass media at its provenance was as far as I believe, to provide the masses with an unbiased, factual account of events and let them opine and form a logical conclusion.

Trust, implicitly was put in the how empowered as a society we were to handle a tool having this much potential. As always, we have miserably failed. When it comes to the fetching touch of absolute power, we have always let our primal instincts get the better of us. It doesn’t take a lot to realize that each and every idea in the glorious history of mankind that has ever been anywhere near capable of reaching philanthropic heights, has always been shot down and morphed into something despicable. The media has been no exception.

How the voice of true reason has been gagged and is yet being forced to die a slow and painful death is clear to one and all. But However, who is ready to get their hands dirty.?
After all, it’s all connected; the dominos, as they say are falling. The unholy nexus between the brutally repressive capitalists and their equally formidable allies, the politicians has woven a web of deceit and assigned the media the
damned responsibility of perpetuating the lies into eternity.

The truth, almost never triumphs these days. The media has its bastion of craftiness, which keeps it at bay and we, like obedient subjects are more than happy to comply. Happy to
see and believe what we are being shown, who needs to question anything, as long as it doesn’t affect us directly. More accurately, who really has the time?

So, back to the proposition of leaving the task of cleaning the pond to a group of unfortunate people who will thereby have the mission of reforming and reviving the once noble profession back to its intended self. How plausible does the plan sound? And wWhat happens when we come down to
question the dubious motives of these people in spite of the daunting task they already have. It does not look promising at all. The only way is the tough way.

The only solution, is to be the change yourself; one thing at a time. Ask the questions you should not, think about the stuff that matters and the stuff that doesn’t, ask for better; from yourself and from others. Remember that you owe it to yourself and deserve it from others. Baby steps, as they say; baby steps.

Abhishek Mandal