People Power – Jai Ho!

A wise man once said, there are two ways to live; either live with the wrong that is happening or stand up to it and have the courage to fight it. Over the years, Indians had lost the passion to stand up and voice their grievances and plight. Indians were symbolized with Gandhiji’s three monkeys. Hence, we were taken for granted. But for how long can one tolerate injustice?

27th August 2011, will go down in Indian history as a day of People Power. It began with the voice of one man, but that voice echoed across the borders of India and the sole reason was that every Indian amplified what he said. Kisan Baburao Hazare, fondly called as Anna Hazare, a 74 year, physically old and frail man, but mentally courageous, strong, and powerful. Anna’s voice did not portray his own voice, but the voice of a supressed nation.

I have always felt that India is a very powerful nation, but because we remain silent, people feel that they can take advantage. I am sure we all are true patriots and love our nation. Often while trying to do something for our nation, we get discouraged as we are vulnerable and alone.

The youth today are termed as selfish by the older generation. Today the younger generation understand the Independence movement and freedom fighters through films like Swades, Rang De Basanti, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, etc. I feel that the youth are wrongly judged as we are as nationalistic as our fore fathers were. There is a strong need for guidance to show us the right path.

Then came a man named Anna and changed the Indian scenario. They say, sometimes the means may not be right to achieve an end but it does not matter if the end is to end an evil. As one, barring all caste and creed, Indians have shown the world what People Power is and what People United can do.

The saga of Anna’s fast went on for twelve days. Right from Tihar Jail till the Ram Lila Maidan people did not leave Anna’s side. Lakhs of people joined the movement because they felt strong enough to make their voice heard. Today, Anna has became an emblem of anti-corruption. The Government said that Anna’s means were not right of threatening the Governement and holding the Parliament hostage. Sometimes, a loud dhamaka is needed to wake up people from their sleep. For so many years no one expected the feeble Indians to speak up.

India was shining through Peoples Power during the twelve days that made history. But there was extravagant glory when the Government brought forward a sense of consensus so that Anna could end his fast. The Government was probably overwhelmed and moved by the fact that the whole protest movement was so peaceful. Lakhs of people moved to the streets from their homes but there were no incidents of crime or violence reported whatsoever.

The reason of victory of the people have to also be attributed to the media. The role of the media during the whole saga was commendable. There were live broadcasts from across the nation which made the public more aware of what was happening around them. The clips on the news channels definately created a sense of patriotism and an urge to combat the social evil.

The Lokpal Bill may take a while before it becomes law. It took thirteen days for our Goverment to give in to the public demand. The gesture of the government seems positive and we can only hope that they will not let the people of their nation down again. I am proud to be a part of the victorious peoples movement and also greatful that the government respected the view of the people.

The Government worked long hours and ensured the essence democracy. This action ensures that they are truly by the people for the people and off the people. As I end a thought comes to my mind that do we always need to create loud dhamakas in a democracy like ours to make our voice heard?

Mehak Budhrani